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Cyst Disease

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By : Ririn Sholiha

ovarian cyst

Cyst including benign tumors encased by a kind of membrane tissue in the female reproductive organs are most often encountered. Cystic shape, taste viscous liquid, and there is also a form of wine. Cysts also exist that contain air, fluid, pus, or materials – other materials. Collection of cells – the tumor cells separately with the surrounding normal tissue and can spread to other body parts. That is why the relatively benign tumor is removed by surgery, and do not endanger the health of the sufferer.

Based on the level of ferocity, cysts are divided into two, namely non – neoplastic and neoplastic. Kista non – neoplastic nature benign and usually will deflate itself after 2 to 3 months. While neoplastic cysts generally have an operation, but it also depends on the size and nature.

Cysts affect women’s menstrual cycles because of hormonal system is disturbed. Naturally, growth hormone will regulate the egg cell in the ovary. Medis has not been able to clearly explain how the hormonal cycles of women who disrupted. However, various research continues to be done to solve this medical case that the number of patients the cyst can be suppressed.

A woman who was diagnosed with cystic aged around 20 – 30 years, and usually women who have cysts, if traced the genealogy of his family, no mother or grandmother who experience symptoms similar cysts.

In addition to ovarian cysts can also grow in the area of the vagina and vulva (the external female genitalia). Cyst growing area of the vagina, among other inclusions, Gartner duct, endometriosis, and adenosis. While vulvar cyst growing area, among others, the Bartholin’s glands, sebaceous glands and epidermal inclusion.

Disease Cyst is indeed a lot of experienced by women, and now nearly 25% of women have this disease, because the food consumed contain ingredients that are not natural, as well as the effects of free radicals, therefore, a healthy lifestyle is very important for our bodies stay healthy and awake from a variety of diseases.

Furthermore, we will provide information about traits – traits cyst disease and its prevention, as well as how to treat it. Please click here.

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