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By : Aries Kurniawan

History of CNP Assurances Insurance

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In 1959, two French firms merged to create the Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance (CNP Assurance) in the group Caisse des depots. As one of the former company established in 1848, an origin of CNP is dated back to the beginning of the insurance market. CNP has been a leading player in the private insurance sector in France since 1991. it has 14 million current policyholders.

CNP Assurance SA (CNP) is a private insurance provider based in France. The Company’s product portfolio includes savings products, risk and contingency products and pension products. This company offers a variety of products and services in both individual and group insurance sectors, with operates through its subsidiaries, including Previposte , CNP IAM , CNP International , Caixa Seguros . Besides life insurance, there are also savings products, health, death, disability, retirement and other personal risks. CNP sells its products primarily through outlet La Poste , the French postal service , and Groupe BPCE , state savings banks , with these two channels account for approximately 65 % of the sale of CNP . The partners are also shareholders of the company, collectively owned at approximately 35 %. Other organizations are mental paragovern France, Caisse des Depots ET Consignations, which has 40 %.

The insurer of CNP Assurances mission is to offer 22 million policyholders , its high quality products is to protect them against the risks of everyday life , and to meet their savings needs in each phase of their lives .

The scope of the insurance company’s operations is including :
• Personal Insurance
• Savings Products
• Product pension
• Risk Personal Guarantee
• Personal Services

The more years the company shown the ability and quality possessed with a view to serving the public , it is proven by the inclusion in the list of international rank orderly in 223rd in the world according to Forbes Magazine and 109th on the Fortune Global 500 . Meanwhile, according to key statistics, the company had assets of $ 241.22 billion, the benefits in 2006 have amounted up to $ 0.85 billion, and the company is operating mainly in European countries.

The number of employees is 4,501 people. In addition , CNP Assurances Insurance also has a security organization consisting of Regional Centre at : Paris , Lille , Marseille , Nancy , Angers , Lyon , Toulouse , Clermont – Ferrand .

Business CNP Assurances has the aimed to promote belief in the future by offering products that protect against the risk of daily life. Design and administer group life insurance, pensions, and long-term creditor insurance and personal risk insurance products. This product is distributed by the partners who have the strong market presence.

That was the history of the insurer CNP Assurances. For those of you who are interested to enroll or want to know more information you can contact at:

Contact Information
CNP Assurances SA
4, place Raoul Dautry
75 716 Paris Cedex 15 , France
Tel . +33-1-42-18-88-88
Fax. +33-1-42-18-86-55


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