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Information about Cathay Financial Insurance

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Cathay United Bank is the first Taiwanese bank to build companies in banking in Vietnam. In 1990, Cathay United Bank with local joint venture partners, Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade, established Indovina Bank (IVB ) with headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City . Indovina Bank is a commercial bank with nine branches and offices located seventeen transactions in the State of Vietnam

Cathay Financial Holding Co. Ltd. is engaged in the business of banking, including deposits, loans, electronic financial services, business credit cards, foreign exchange trading, trust and wealth management, trade finance and financial services. Cathay Financial Holding Co., Ltd. is a financial holding company based in Taiwan. The company operates business through bank division , which involves in deposits , loans , electronic financial services , business credit cards , foreign exchange trading , trust and wealth management , financial services and trade finance , then the field of life insurance division , which provides life insurance , accident insurance , health insurance , annuity insurance and investment insurance , property and casualty insurance division , which offers car insurance , fire insurance , flood insurance , engineering insurance and other insurance , securities business , which involves a stockbroker and underwriting , as well as other divisions , which offer capital venture , distribution safety , investment and management consulting services .

Cathay United Bank is one of the largest commercial banks in Taiwan, with a capital value of $ 52000000000 TW and more than 160 bank branches throughout Taiwan.

Cathay United Bank was once the United World Chinese Commercial Bank (UWCCB), founded in 1975. In 2003 , merged with the former Commercial UWCCB Cathay Bank , a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Financial Holding Company , UWCCB is a bank that is still alive but the merged bank was renamed Cathay United Bank , effective on October 27, 2003.

Cathay United Bank is headquartered in Cathay Financial Center of Taipei, Taiwan and has 165 branches across Taiwan provides retail and corporate banking and wealth management services. Currently there are 6 branches and 5 overseas offices located in China, Southeast Asia, and the United States.

Cathay Financial Holding Co. is one of the largest insurance companies as a financial services provider by assets, plans to issue up to 400 million shares to strengthen the capital.
The company also has plans to expand its presence in China and Southeast Asia this year to increase revenue from overseas operations.

Eighty percent of the shares will be subscribed by the existing shareholders, while employees and other investors will subscribe to 10 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, Cathay Financial Insurance began to invest in real estate in Taipei and abroad, as companies adjust investment strategies. This year , the company plans to offer shareholders a cash dividend of NT $ 0.7 per share in last year’s revenue of NT $ 17.03 billion , which is a 1.75 percent dividend yield , along with a stock dividend of 7 per cent or 70 per 1,000 shares held .

Cathay Financial profits accumulated during the first four months of this year reached NT $ 9.570.000.000, or NT $ 0.88 per share, resulting in a financial holding company the second most profitable after Fubon Financial Holding Co.’s NT $ 1.3 per share.

Thus is little understanding and share information about Cathay Financial Insurance. For those of you who want to buy stocks or sign up to join the Cathay Financial, you can contact at :

Cathay Financial Holding Co. . , Ltd.
16F , No. . 296 , Section 4
Jen – Ai Road , Songshan District
Phone : +8862.27087698
Fax : +8862.23252488


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