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Phoenix Group Insurance

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By : Aries Kurniawan

History and information about Phoenix Group Insurance

Phoenix Insurance

The insurance company was founded in 1857, as The Pearl Loan Company and operated from the Royal Oak Public House, on the contrary, at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in 1914 changed its name to The Pearl Assurance Company. In 1990 then acquired by Australian group insurance, AMP, and then in 2003 Pearl, NPI and London in the demerged from AMP to be a part of the Henderson Group.

In 2005 the business was purchased from Henderson Group by Sun Capital Partners, where business is a leading partner Hugh Osmond and TDR Capital. Then, in 2008, Pearl acquired Resolution plc including guarantee business in Phoenix.

In June 2009, the business was acquired by Liberty Acquisition Holdings International, and then changed its name to Pearl Group. On March 15, 2010, Pearl Group changed its name to Phoenix Group Holdings.

For The Phoenix Group is divided into two parts a guarantee of life and asset management is :
Life insurance
Phoenix Life consists of four life insurance companies and arranged :
1. Phoenix Life Limited; Phoenix Life Assurance Ltd. prior to September 28, 2012, known as the Pearl limited warranty)
2. Phoenix Ireland -Phoenix Life (Ireland Branch)
3. NPI-National Provident Life Limited
4. Scottish Mutual International Limited (the Republic of Ireland

asset management
Ignis Asset Management (formerly Resolution Asset Management)

that was the group that is in the insurance company, since there is a change of name in 2010, the company is increasingly showing its existence. Meanwhile, the meaning of The Phoenix Group itself is one of the largest providers of insurance services in the UK. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and traded on Euronext Amsterdam earlier. Phoenix Insurance Group offers a wide range of insurance products, financial services and employee benefits for businesses and individuals across the country. No matter what type of risk management or insurance product you need, this company has the knowledge and experience to help you. When you work with Phoenix you can rest assured knowing that your best interests are the top priority of this company. In addition, the company also has always maintained a good relationship with the investor, the following investor relations at The Phoenix Insurance :

1. 1949 – The Company was founded by the late David Hachmi,
2. 1978 – Phoenix shares issued to the public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
3. 2002 – Control Group was acquired by Mayer
4. 2004 – The merger Operations: Israel Phoenix and Hadar
5. 2006 – Acquisition of 40 % of Excellence Nessuah – leading investment houses in Israel
6. 2006 – Control acquired by Delek Group

Phoenix was founded by the late David Hachmi in 1949. He was the one who set the vision of the company that will be based on caring for the personal welfare and securing one’s future and the future of the next generation. This vision remains one of the company’s mainstays.

Since its establishment , the Phoenix has consistently put attention devoted to your personal and customers at the forefront of the corporate philosophy , with care for when your future security, while providing your needs in all aspects of life .

Phoenix is a company of people who work on behalf of people, a company that believes in customers, agents, employees and stand for them in hard times.

As a leading company, Phoenix engaged in activities to the wider community, by actively supporting and sponsoring various organizations and individuals in the fields of culture, education and health. Contributing to the community is one vision of the insurance company and is one company consistently implement and embed the employees, both financially and management serving as role models. The following sector insurance company’s operations :

Long-Term Savings
Phoenix is a leader in providing optimal solutions in the sector of long-term savings.
This sector focuses on products that integrate the life insurance, pension and provident funds, designed to accompany the customer throughout his life.

Health line
Private drug coverage that is within reach for medical treatment, surgery, transplants in Israel and around the world, pharmaceutical and many more. Phoenix insurance products ensure the best medical care money can buy. Half a million households have health insurance Phoenix.

General insurance
this sector includes all individual and commercial property insurance: Homeowners insurance and comprehensive automotive insurance, various insurance, marine insurance, engineering insurance and many more.

Phoenix Investment and Finance
Phoenix Investments and Finance Ltd. are responsible for investing the fund and members to invest themselves in a financial company, primarily through ownership (joint control) at Excellence Nessuah Investment House.

Overview Product Range

Phoenix Health Fund has a variety of products to suit your particular circumstances.

Thus had surgery Phoenix Group Insurance sector, may be useful information earlier. For those of you who are interested or want to know more details of the company profile , you can directly call on :

Phoenix Group Insurance
11615 Forest Central Dr.
Ste 103
Dallas , TX 75243
Neighborhood : North Dallas
Phone : (214) 253-0570


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Resolution Insurance

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By : Aries Kurniawan

History and understanding of the Resolution Insurance Company

Resolution of plc is a UK insurance company which headquartered in the City of London. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and was once a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index but was acquired by Pearl Group in May of 2008.

Resolution Limited is a Guernsey-based company, which provides various products and services pensions, investments and insurance. The company operates throughout the world, including the UK, Luxembourg, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Isle of Man. In the UK, the Company’s new business focuses on three core product areas: corporate profits, protection and retirement income. In addition, through the Heritage division, the Company focused on the approach to the management of the closed book of business.

In 2008, Resolution Limited was established as a financial services company listed on the restructuring and the London Stock Exchange. Since then it has acquired Friends Provident Group plc, the majority of the AXA UK life business and Bupa Health Assurance. This business has been rebranded and together form Friends Life Group.

In August, the Company announced that it was moving away from the structure and strategy of project-based and no longer seeks out special events for Friends Life Group. The company’s business model and strategy for the Friends Life Group focused to ensure that it is a successful group life insurance and ongoing strong cash profiles with a clear focus on maximizing shareholder value. There are two kinds of insurance group, namely :

Resolution Operations LLP and Resolution Capital Limited

Between December 2008 and March 2013, Resolution Limited advised by Resolution Operations LLP (ROL), a UK Financial Services Authority authorized as an investment adviser. ROL is provided mergers, acquisitions and other strategic advice as well as certain supervisory services. In August 2012, the Company announced that it is advisable to move from external, project-based structure to a more conventional, simplified governance structure. As part of this change ROL cease to provide services to the Company on March 27, 2013.

When Resolution Limited was first established by the co-sponsor of ROL and the beginning of the Company, Resolution Capital Limited, signed an agreement to share in the value created in the Company’s subsidiary, Resolution Holdco No 1 LP.

Resolution Limited is a life insurance company. The Company provides life protection, critical illness cover, income protection and business protection. The resolution also offers individual personal pensions, stakeholder pensions individually, and online stakeholder pensions and company pensions.

Begins with an insurance company , Resolution Life Group which was formed in 2004 is providing a vehicle for life funds that are closed to new business, but obligations extend many years into the future. The first is the purchase of the life insurance business of Royal and Sun Alliance, followed by the purchase of Swiss Life UK business.

In September 2005, Resolution Life Britannic joined the company FTSE Group, which has been closed to new business in 2003. In 2006 the combined group buying Abbey National business life, from £ 3.6 billion transaction that brings into the FTSE 100.

On May 30, 2007, Resolution announced a strategic partnership with Capita which will result in the transfer of approximately two thousand staff in Customer Services, IT and outsourcing then gradually to the back-office customer service to India.

On July 25, 2007, Resolution approving the merger with Friends Provident to create a new entity, Friends Financial, with a market capitalization of around £ 8.6bn, but by September 2007 it was announced that Hugh Osmond’s Pearl Group, a critic of the proposed merger with Friends Provident, has been in talks with Swiss Re undergo a potential deal to take over the resolution, but the conversation stops. On October 10, 2007, Pearl made a formal offer of 660 pence per share, valued at approximately £ 4.5 billion, in conjunction with the Royal London Mutual Insurance Society. Standard Life and Swiss Re also entered the bidding for Resolution and for a brief period on October 26, 2007, cash and stock bid worth £ 4.9 billion recommended by the board, which is canceling the deal with Friends Provident. In a short time, Pearl returned with all cash offer of 720 pence per share. In addition, Hugh Osmond, chief executive of Pearl, now controlled 24.1% of the shares of common stock resolution, which would effectively blocked the planned merger of Standard Life as it would have required the approval of 75% of shareholders. In mid-November 2007, Standard Life pulled out of the merger and the offer of Pearl recommended by the board to the shareholders.

Resolution finally re-launched by Clive Cowdery as an investment vehicle acquisition in December of 2008 and continued talks with Friends Provident in July 2009 but was rejected twice, although Friends Provident finally agreed to take over in August of 2009.

Using underwriting expertise, Resolution Insurance Company Ltd. (RICL) provides a variety of niche and specialist insurance broker offers solutions increase while adding value for our underwriting partners. But the company is also expert to develop a model of risk transfer. In short, the company’s expertise has made it possible to increase the value of any risk management strategy. RICL is licensed to bear the following insurance categories: accident, health, transportation, motor, liability, warranty and property.

Powered by reinsurance A, the value of which carries most of the risk, RICL has a BBB rating from Global Credit Rating Company. In addition, the insurance company is also has a good vision and mission that make this company is growing, the following vision and mission:

Its vision is to be a well-recognized leader and preferred provider of insurance services in Africa.


Its mission is to serve our clients, employees, stakeholders and the community by providing responsive and comprehensive insurance services.

That was the vision and mission, which promised to be a reliable, trustworthy, and honest in all involvement in the quality of good service. As well as trying to improve continuously, consistently exceed the customer expectations and ensure quality, it’s one of the insurance company guidelines. For those of you who want to know more details about the insurance company Resolution you can contact directly at :

Limited resolution
PO Box 255
Trafalgar Court
Les Banques
St Peter Port
23 Savile Row
Switchboard : +44 (0) 20 3372 2900


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Standard Life Insurance

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By : Aries Kurniawan

reliance standard life insurance

reliance standard life insurance

The Standard Life Assurance Company established in 1825, and is a leading long term savings and Investments Company headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. Standard Life has around six million customers worldwide and operates in the UK, Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and globally with Standard Life Investments Ltd. In Canada, Standard Life has been doing business for 180 years. Standard Life Financial Inc., which wholly owns The Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada and Standard Life Mutual Funds Ltd., is Standard Life plc’s largest operation outside the UK. With about 2,000 employees, it provides long-term savings, investment and insurance solutions to more than 1.4 million Canadians, including group benefit and retirement plan members. All That: C $ 46100000000 of assets under administration, as of 30 September 2013. On September 30, 2013, Standard Life plc had assets of C $ 396.000.000.000 under administration, including C $ 46.1 billion in Canada through Standard Life Financial.

Standard Life Investments is also the company of leading asset manager with a growing global reach. Various solutions are supported by Focus Investment Company; this is our typical about Change investment philosophy, disciplined risk management and a shared commitment to a culture of investment excellence.

As an active manager, Standard Life puts significant emphasis on rigorous research and a strong collaborative ethos, as well as constantly thinking ahead and trying to anticipate change before it happens, ensuring that clients can look to the future with confidence.

Standard Life Investments manages £ 178.8 billion * on behalf of clients around the world. Investment capabilities include stocks, bonds, real estate, private equity, multi – asset solutions, fund -of – funds and absolute return strategies.

the Headquarter office is in Edinburgh , Standard Life Investments employs more than 1,000 talented professionals and maintains a presence in a number of locations around the world including Boston , Hong Kong , Paris , London , Beijing , Montreal , Sydney , Dublin and Seoul . In addition, the company has a close relationship with leading domestic players in Asia, including HDFC Asset Management in India and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank in Japan.

Standard Life floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2006 and is now a FTSE 100 listed companies. Standard Life Investments was launched as a separate company in 1998 and has established a reputation for innovation in the pursuit of the client’s investment objectives.

The award winners of the Standard Life International Bond is a tax – efficient bonds that give investors more control over when to pay taxes . While invested in offshore bonds, investors usually will not pay taxes on any growth *. Instead, taxes are paid when the money is taken out of bonds and investors will be based on the circumstances at the time. It is designed to assist customers with a wide range of needs, including estate and retirement planning, education funding or a more common medium to long-term savings needs. It can also be useful if you are planning to move abroad in the future.

That was an explanation of the standard life insurance company; the company also offers products and services in various parts of the world. To find out more, please contact Standard Life at :

Group Life & Health
The Standard Life Building
639 – 5th Avenue South West , Suite 1550
Calgary , Alberta T2P 0M9
Telephone: 403-296-9400 ext . 1100 or 1-800-805-1631
Fax : 403-531-1147

2045 Stanley Street , 7th Floor
Montréal ( Québec ) H3A 2V4
Telephone: 514-841-6642 or 1-800-363-4360
Fax : 514-841-6672

1565 Carling Avenue , Suite 502
Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 8R1
Telephone: 613-737-5203 or 1-800-263-3219
Fax : 613-230-3404

Québec City
1220, Boul . Lebourgneuf , Suite 250
Québec , Québec , G2K 2G4
Telephone: 418-684-2400 or 1-800-503-2358
Fax : 418-681-7164

100 Sheppard Avenue East , Suite 1158
Toronto , Ontario M2N 6N5
Telephone: 416-224-3535 or 1-800-465-2581
Fax : 416-224-3433

The Standard Life Building
625 Howe Street , Suite 900
Vancouver , British Columbia V6C 2T6
Telephone: 604-664-8030 or 1-800-663-1784
Fax : 604-664-8033

155 Carlton Street , Suite 1640
Winnipeg , Manitoba R3C 3H8
Telephone: 204-949-4241 or 1-800-663-7372
Fax : 204-956-2530


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Old Mutual Insurance

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By : Ririn Sholiha

About Old Mutual Insurance


old mutual life insurance

Old Mutual was founded in 1845, and has grown in the state in South Africa in the last decade through organic growth and strategic acquisitions and listed on the London and Johannesburg stock exchanges, since 1999. Old Mutual has a history of over 160 years as a community -based Mutual South Africa before a public listing in 1999.

Old Mutual is the largest provider of financial services companies in South Africa. Leading position in the industry is reflected in the company’s strong performance throughout business operations, good balance sheet position, and strong financial flexibility with demonstrated access to international capital markets and diversity of business. The company is also working with Nedbank , Mutual & Federal ( M & F ) , two subsidiaries under Old Mutual , and enables the company to offer a range of financial products and services , investment , life insurance , asset management , banking , health and general insurance . Client base consists of individuals, businesses, corporations and institutions.

In addition, by using this insurance can make international long-term savings, protection, banking and investment group. The company provides life assurance, asset management, banking and general insurance in Africa, Europe, America and Asia. And have more than 14 million customers and 55,000 employees. Because the largest insurance company in South Africa, of course, has a special vision and strategy, while the vision and strategy are as follows:

Its vision is to become the largest partner for our customers, and helping them achieve their lifetime financial goals.

The company’s strategy is to drive strategic growth , by harnessing the power of the people and by speeding up the collaboration between businesses . The focus of this company is to expand in South Africa, Africa and other emerging markets are chosen, as well as enhancing and developing the Old Mutual Wealth and Asset Management U.S. The insurer Old Mutual Strategic priorities are:

1. Customer promise
2. Driven a profitable growth in the core business
3. Accelerate collaboration in Group
4. Building a culture of excellence
5. Continue to simplify the structure to unlock value

Committed to operating responsibly, socially, environmentally and economically. Old Mutual Insurance pursue value by balancing the risks covered by the capital required and see good governance as a vital ingredient of a successful business operation . As at December 31, 2012 , Old Mutual reported adjusted operating profit before tax of £ 1.6 billion ( on the basis of IFRS ) and funds under management from core operations £ .

That was the history and vision of the Old Mutual insurance company, hopefully this bit of information can add to our knowledge about the insurance companies, for those of you who are interested to enroll or want to know more detail information, you can contact at:

General Enquiries
Phone: +27 21 509 9111
Suzanne van Schoor
Phone: +27 21 504 4390
Lisette Lombard
Phone: +27 21 509 3318

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Tiaa – Cref Insurance

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By : Aries Kurniawan


History of Insurance TIAA – CREF

cost of life insurance

cost of life insurance

In 1918 , Andrew Carnegie and his Foundation, Carnegie for the Advancement of Teaching , under the leadership of Henry S. Pritchett , creating Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA), a fully funded system of pensions for professors . the Funding was provided by a combination of grants from foundations and the Carnegie Corporation of New York , as well as ongoing contributions from participating institutions and individuals .

In 1921, the policyholder nominated as Professor Samuel M. Lindsay from Columbia University to represent them in the supervisory board of TIAA. The Representation on the board of TIAA policyholders consistent with the wishes of the Carnegie Foundation that educators assume a role in running the organization. Conservative investment TIAA allowed to survive until 1929 when it occured the stock market crash and the Great Depression.

In 1933, Albert Einstein became participants, the fact that TIAA – CREF is then used in advertising campaigns and well-known in 2001.

After World War II , in response to rising inflation and prolong life expectancy , and a dramatic expansion of the education sector with the GI Bill , TIAA recognized the need for participants to invest in equity funds in order to diversify their retirement . In 1952, TIAA created the College Retirement Equities Fund CREF named, variable annuities, for that purpose .

On June 15, 2007, TIAA became one of the first U.S. companies to voluntarily adopt, and the first to apply, policyholders of voting advisor on executive compensation policy.

On June 28, 2007, the California State Teachers Retirement System named CAlSTRS announced its selection of TIAA – CREF as a single investment provider for supplemental retirement savings program. CalSTRS is the second largest public pension plan and the largest teachers’ retirement fund in the United States.

On August 12, 2008, TIAA – CREF announced the opening of a new office in London. The office will be managed by local investment professionals who will expand the activities of TIAA – CREF Global Real Estate in England and Europe.

On November 16, 2009, TIAA – CREF signed an agreement with a third-party to rent the 17th floor, 18, and 27 from the New York headquarters building at 730 Third Avenue.

On September 14, 2012, TIAA – CREF bought Festival Place, a shopping center in Basingstoke, England for £ 280 million. Then On May 16, 2013 , TIAA – CREF to buy 50 % stake in the Grand Canal Shoppes , including the Shoppes at the Palazzo , Las Vegas for net proceeds of $ 410 million USD as part of a new joint venture with General Growth Properties Inc. GGP , and will continue to oversee the management of the project assets .

That was the history of the insurance company TIAA – CREF , which is located in NEW YORK state , the insurance company nowadays has become a leading financial services provider , it is one of the members of the three insurance groups in the U.S. which holding the highest rank , the current supplied from all four leading independent insurance industry ratings agencies . TIAA – CREF is a subsidiary wholly owned by Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA). There is no guarantee that current ratings will be maintained. Assessment is the company’s ability to meet obligations policyholders, the claim does not valid for variable annuities, mutual funds or any other product or service is not fully supported by TIAA – CREF ability to pay Life.
Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association – University Retirement Equities Fund ( TIAA – CREF ) is a Fortune 100 financial services organization that is the leading retirement provider for people who work on the research , medical and academic culture . TIAA – CREF serves 3.7 million active and retired employees participating at more than 15,000 institutions and has $ 487 billion in combined assets management (as of March 31, 2012).

Many TIAA – CREF operates on a nonprofit basis, with surplus returned to participants. TIAA – CREF is headquartered in New York City in the United States and has major offices in Denver, Colorado, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Dallas, Texas , as well as seventy local offices across the United States . In 2013, TIAA – CREF is ranked 97 in the Fortune 500 list of largest companies in America.

TIAA – CREF was created to replace the free retirement system provided by the Carnegie Corporation professors. When the original funding proved inadequate, TIAA created in the Act New York State Legislature in 1918, as a stock life insurance company for the purpose of providing retirement income for professors, through a guaranteed fixed premium deferred annuity contracts. Then in 1952, CREF was created to allow faculty to invest in the stock market through the nation’s first variable annuity. Its main business continues to be the administration of pension and annuity products. In recent years the company expanded capabilities and consulting services and expand the investment choices of clients. Internally it has been focused on the development of IT infrastructure and customer support leadership development.

At the retail level , TIAA – CREF offers Traditional and Rollover Account Individual Retirement , Roth IRAs , mutual funds , annuities and life insurance after tax ( through TIAA – CREF Life ) , 529 college savings plans , Coverdell Education Savings , financial planning , and trust investment management ( through TIAA – CREF Trust Company , FSB ) . These investments are offered to the general public, the company is now no longer limited to the academic community.

On the institutional side, TIAA – CREF Asset Management serves institutional investors and intermediaries, including registered investment advisors, investment only defined contribution platform and broker / dealers. In addition, TIAA – CREF is a Fortune 100 financial services organization with $ 481 billion in assets under management (as of 30/06/12) . The company is a leader in helping those in the academic, medical, cultural, and governmental and research fields plan for retirement and other goals in life. More than 3.7 million people trust us to help support their financial well-settled. In addition, the insurance company now provides various products and services (including retirement plans, IRAs, life insurance, brokerage services, mutual funds) must adapt to the needs of the client. Hopefully, this information may be useful to increase knowledge and, for those of you who want to know more details about the company, you can contact directly at:

TIAA – CREF Contact Press
Chad Peterson
888 200 4062,
AARP Press Contact
David Allen
202 434 2560 , , @ AARPMedia


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Aviva Car Insurance

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By : Aries Kurniawan

Aviva Corporate History


car insurance companies

car insurance companies

Aviva is a British multinational insurance company Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and is one of the sixth largest insurance companies in the world, if measured by net premium income, has about 43 million subscribers in 21 countries. The company is a market leader in general insurance, life and pensions in the UK, in addition, has a major business in Asia, continental Europe and North America. Aviva also has a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. As well as secondary listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

In July of 2006, Aviva greatly increased in the United States with the acquisition of Amer Us Group, Moines -based financial services company that was founded in 1896 and, later Amer Us Group name to Aviva USA, at the time the acquisition is completed.

The company then continued to use the name as a trade name Norwich Union in the UK until June 1, 2009 when it became officially known as Aviva in the United Kingdom. The launch is supported by a £ 9 million advertising campaign to promote the rebranding (one of the most expensive in the UK insurance sector), with the participation of celebrities including Bruce Willis and Alice Cooper.

In June of 2009, the Company decided to dispose of Navigator, wealth management business in Australia, National Australia Bank for A $ 825 million (£ 401 million).

In October of 2009 the company decided to focus on the commercial insurance sector and demonstrate its commitment to the broker with the launch of ‘ facilities ‘ for blockers, using the British Insurance Brokers Association of search engines to help them.

In September of 2011, Aviva plc completed the sale of RAC breakdown recovery operation for £ 1.0 billion to The Carlyle Group.

In February 2012, Aviva sells health business are large enough to giant British companies and insurance services provider Capita rivals.


In July of 2012, Aviva announced plans to sell or shut down 16 non – core business activities to simplify and improve shareholder returns. As part of the plan Aviva announced the sale of its operations in South Korea and closing new business unit bulk – purchase annuities in the UK.

In August of 2012, Aviva announced that up to 800 jobs will be lost after the reorganization caused by further turmoil in the euro zone.
In December 2012, Aviva Aviva USA Corporation agreed to sell to Athene who holds U.S. $ 1.8 billion amount of money (£ 1.1 billion) as part of a plan to boost shareholder returns and reduce the capital requirements of the group. Athene then sold the insurance business of Aviva Atlantic to global.

There are some names in the insurance industry that are recognized as Aviva formerly called Norwich Union , serving as Life Insurance, insurance companies now have exposure in the insurance market as a whole . Nowadays it is part of the Aviva Group, after the merger of Norwich Union and Commercial Union. In 2000, the two subsidiaries is now trading under the brand name of Aviva. Aviva has a history that can be traced starting in 1797 with the creation of the “Norwich Union Society for the Insurance Houses, Stock and Merchandise from Fire “. While the current industry, very few companies that can boast the experience they have acquired.

Interestingly, Aviva was the first insurer to introduce a ‘ Pay As You Drive “(PAYD) insurance of vehicles using GPS and cell phone technology to track vehicles and communicate information such as mileage, time, etc , to get back to the central office . It is then possible to calculate the level of Aviva PAYD auto insurance debited to the customer’s account. While technology has taken some time to get it started, in the year 2009 is expected to be the year when the insurance PAYD insurance industry moved to the main.

The insurance company history began in 1797, over the years, now the company has demonstrated its ability to be the largest insurance company with number six in the world, quality and service are always upgraded to a principle in the company. Thus had exposition of the history of Aviva insurance company, we will now explain about the product which is owned by Aviva company in the field of car insurance:

Aviva offers the most comprehensive suite of insurance services in the market, with prominent exposure in many markets. Discounts and cash back offers available on many car insurance policies. For those of you who are looking for insurance for classic cars, antique cars or car insurance more traditional families. Certainly choose a comprehensive, this company also serves the automobile insurance in case of fire, theft, all available on the company’s policy, although additional details like insurance for automotive restoration and similar services are also available in this company.

In addition to auto insurance market, Aviva also offer travel insurance, home loans and insurance, health insurance, retirement and cover a variety of financial services.
Car insurance features

Options to ensure that there is no discount for your claim; you also have to work hard to build up your no claims discount up to 70 % on your annual auto insurance premiums. Now we can guarantee that you will never lose it. We can offer and warrant no claims discount for your motor insurance policy, regardless of the number of claims you make, the company promised not to see your premiums rise as a result of the claim. To ensure no claims discount, you will need to have :

1. Comprehensive car insurance with at least five years no claims discount
2. There is no ‘ wrong ‘ claims in the last three years
3. Policyholder and all additional drivers must be aged 21 or over
4. Have a minimum of £ 250 excess on your car insurance policy
5. Guaranteed no claims discount is not available to policyholders with driving open

That was a bit explanation about car insurance, Aviva insurance company, in order to get a streak quote for your car successive Aviva or van or car insurance quote singular in this company, you can call directly on 0800 051 2382, one of our dedicated team will be able to help. Hopefully this information can help and add to the knowledge :).


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Legal & General Insurance

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By : Aries Kurniawan


History of Legal & General Insurance




Legal and General is also known asLegal & General Group Plc (LSE: LGEN), Legal and General is a British multinational company serving the financial services, listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. The Headquarter office is in London, United Kingdom. Its products include life insurance, general insurance, pensions and investments. It operates in the UK, Egypt, France, Germany, Gulf, India, the Netherlands and the United States. Countries of the total stretcher, on December 31, 2011 assets under management totaled £ 371.000.000.000.

Legal & General is formed by Sergeant John Adams and five other lawyers in June 1836 in Chancery Lane coffee shop. The company was originally called in the New Law Life Assurance Society, the public-was at the time limited by the existing laws. Later the name was changed to Legal & General, in order to reflect policy to the general public, but with limited stock holdings in accordance with existing law. Since the name was changed to be legal and general, the company eventually is expanded in the UK and started a life insurer outside the country; in 1930 the company purchased the business from the retiring Metropolitan Life Assurance Company of New York. In 1956 the State continues founded in Australia.

In the 1970s people became a wholly owned division of Legal & General Group plc. Government Employees Insurance purchase of GEICO in the United States and changed its name to Life banner, then continues setting up a business in France during the 1980s.


In 2000 this insurance company selling Legal & General Bank and Legal & General Mortgage Services for Northern Rock, in 2003 it sold its stake in Gresham Insurance, a company that worked with Barclays Bank in 2005.In 2008 Legal & General bought Suffolk Life, Investment products are serving in the field of pensions, and also outsourcing IT development area for TCS (Tata Consultancy Services).

The insurance companies establish business partnership with two Indian public sector banks, Bank of Baroda and Andhra Bank to launch India First, namely Life Insurance Company in India in 2009, and the remaining areas of IT outsourcing to IBM in October 2010.

That was the history of the insurance company Legal and General, from the description of the history of the company was providing security for the public benefit and, therefore, for the people who are now not thought to register with the insurance company, hopefully by reading this article begin to think to register themselves to the insurance companies to conduct, the products offered in this company guaranteed quality. The Air join one of the explanations of insurance products is owned by the insurance company Legal and General :

Legal & General Life Insurance

Legal & General was founded in 1836, there were 6.9 million subscribers Legal & General Life Insurance in the UK, the company has assets of £ 320 billion, for more than 175 years, with 6.9 million customers in the UK, Legal & General is one of the leading providers of life insurance companies in the country.
Legal & General life insurance offers a flexible, low cost; in addition, serve Critical Illness Insurance is included in the plan or list of Legal & General at no additional cost.
Legal & General Home Insurance

If you want to make sure your home is protected, and think about whether your home contents insurance policy will cover it, especially if it’s worth a lot of money. Choose which you can claim insurance for high-risk products, replacing valuables, and be fully responsible, of course, the insurance company should be able to pay according to the amount of your losses, so you do not lose, for even the smallest claims. Therefore Enroll your home at a leading home insurance is by using one of our codes vouchers Legal & General.

Legal and General insurance companies help you save for the hopes and dreams, your future plan in the day, and protect the important things in your life. To achieve this it is companies using the core idea, Every Day Matters. It affects the entire business and social activities. Be fair to the customer, whoever the customer, the company ensures the products and services for customers. The Commitment by putting the customer at the business center. Therefore the company is always improving product quality and customer service. To help you get detailed information about the insurance company Legal and General, please call the phone number below :

Legal & General Group PLC
2 Friars Bridge Road
Ipswich, IP1 1QA
Phone : 01473 228340
Fax : 01473 289542


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