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The Most Beautiful Beaches in The World

October 1st, 2017 No comments


By : Ririn Sholiha

The beach is a geographical form consisting of sand, and there in the coastal marine area. The beach area became the boundary between land and sea. The length of the coastline is measured around the entire coast which is the territorial area of a country.

According to the United Nations correction in 2008, Indonesia is the fourth longest locked country in the world after the United States, Canada and Russia. The length of the coastline of Indonesia stood at 95 181 km.
The beach does offer a beautiful panorama, complete with blue expanse of the sea, the seagulls that fly over it, the pounding waves, and so on.

The beach is a must-visit place if you want to relax and traveled to a place, and every place is usually an island or archipelago definitely has a beach. In addition, the beach is also a natural destination for many families. The beach is considered to help eliminate the burden of thought. The beauty of sun, sea and sand is the main attraction of a beach, the beach here has many kinds of mundane to the most beautiful beaches. For those of you who love the beach and like to vacation to the beach, the following information will be given in the list of beaches most beautiful beaches in the world :

1 .Fernando de Noronha

fernando do noronha

fernando do noronha

Beaches Fernando de Noronha is located in the coastal region of Brazil which seems a bit difficult to get to go to this place. Naturally, the beach is only known by a few people. But the beach is worth dubbed as “The Most Beautiful Marine Park in the World ” because of the beauty of the color of the sea is crystal clear and that’s why this place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site .







2 . Matira Point , Bora – bora

most beautiful beaches in the world

most beautiful beaches in the world

Matira Point is one of the most fascinating places on bora bora – island . Even though the island is only 20 miles in length, but the entire island scenery is absolutely beautiful. The beach is still under the auspices of the commonwealth French Polynesia in the islands, this place is famous for its tourism rather expensive. Even so the prices will definitely be the same on what you can enjoy here.





3 . Rabbit Beach

most beautiful beaches in the world

most beautiful beaches in the world

No one thinks if the world’s most beautiful beaches are also located in the country Italy. The beach was named Rabbit beaches located in the southwestern coast of Sicily, Italy. In addition, rabbit beach with the best selection of Trip Advisor users. This beautiful beach has crystal-clear sea water and a Mediterranean -style wide white sand.

Interestingly, on the beach there are a lot of rabbits, that’s why this beach called Beach Rabbit (Rabbit). According to millions of user reviews about Rabbit to be the best beach in the world because of the clear sea water to make tourists love this beach.

This beach is described as a beach unspoiled nature reserve. This is because the beach is only accessible by boat. It’s very beautiful to see a mix of white sand and turquoise colored sea water at the beach. In addition to rabbits, turtles can be easily found, especially during the spawning season.


4 . Lombok, Indonesia

most beautiful beaches in the world

most beautiful beaches in the world

Lombok filled with tropical allure. Islands are beautiful white sandy beaches, great waves for surfing, lush forests, as well as the hiking trail through rice fields and tobacco fields. With the construction of an international airport recently, Lombok continues to open up as one of the world’s tourist destinations.






5 . Costa del Sud , Sardinia , Italy

top beaches in the world

top beaches in the world

Although you have to drive to the beach , but the clean blue water , white sand and not too crowded are the comfortable part of the coast Sardini. The beach is much better than the beaches on the mainland of Italy.








6 . Cottesloe , Australia

top beaches in the world

top beaches in the world

Cottesloe is located in the north western part of Fremantle and Perth , Australia . The beach is very beautiful and safe for children to swim. The weather was always looked perfect.








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5 The Most Wonderful Place in The World

May 12th, 2017 No comments


By : Ririn Sholiha

Marriage is one of the most special moments of a person’s life. Being ready to enter a new life with new hope and intend to have a lot of happiness. It connects not only men and women, but also two families with each other. The charismatic arrangements made at the wedding to make sure that today become memories for the beloved couple.

For some people, perhaps a wedding reception is celebrated by inviting family and close relatives only. But it turns out there are also couples who are willing to spend deep to celebrate a magnificent wedding reception magnificent.

Starting from the cost to prepare dresses, cakes, and various other needs. Some wanted to celebrate marriage in a luxurious building and attended by thousands of people, with thousands of relatives and relatives celebrating that happy moment. There are more couples who prefer to marry outdoors, beaches for example. The sound of the waves and the breeze of the beach will color your wedding day. If the sun is drowning, the light from its bed will make the moment of exchanging rings more beautiful. If immortalized in the camera, the result is a beautiful and dramatic picture that exudes the love and majesty of the universe. Here’s a place in the world known as the most beautiful wedding location :

1. Starship Resort, Sydney
Starship Resort in Sydaliney is a great place with perfect guest seating arrangements. Here you can enjoy the facilities that can add a luxurious impression on your wedding. This resort will certainly add value and more sensation to the sacred ceremony of the sacred promises of the bride.

starship resort

2. Kahala Hotel and Resort, Hawaii
Kahala Hotel and Resort Hawaii is the perfect place to glorify the beginning of your married life. Kahala Restaurant is a beautiful and charming place that helps you have a dream wedding. Coupled with the decorations done with flowers and chokers that are part of a traditional Hawaiian wedding.

kahala hotel and resort

3. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, England
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is an oasis filled with beautiful trees and flowers. This place is the most romantic place for couples to say sacred wedding vows. Coupled with facilities that make invited guests amazed and friendly management. You can talk with a couple to choose this place to get married, In this park is available indoor or outdoor, so any concept you wear can fit in this place. This place can accommodate 300 invited guests.

brooklyn botanical gardens

4. Tandjung Sari Resort, Indonesia
This resort is located in Indonesia, precisely in Bali. Its location close to Sanur Beach adds a beautiful exotic impression on this resort. The resort remains full of tourists, especially honeymoon couples. Its overall environment is ideal for arranging weddings. Here you are offered with national and international dishes, open air environment, Balinese dance performance, and many other activities on the wedding day.

tandjung sari resort

5. Dalhousie Castle, Scotland
Part of you especially for women must have had a dream to be married in the castle and the palace like a princess in fairy tales. But now it can be realized. A castle in Scotland called Dalhousie Castle can be booked to be a wedding venue. A row of Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna, Pierce Brosnan, and Paul McCartney once uttered the sacred promise in this castle.

dalhousie castle


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The Most Beautiful Scenery Hotel in The World

February 10th, 2017 No comments


By : Ririn Sholiha


Hotel comes from the word hostel, supposedly taken from an ancient French language. Public buildings have been touted since the end of the 17th century. Its meaning is roughly, “a shelter for migrants “or also “building huts and food providers to the public “. So, at first the hotel was created to serve the public.

No wonder that in Britain and America, a hotel employee is alike public officer. But, over the times and increasing service users, service – inpatient eating began to leave their social mission. Guests also free of charge. While the building and the rooms are laid out in such a way to make guests feel at home. Nevertheless, for many years the standard of hotel services has not changed much.

Until 1793, the City Hotel was built in the embryo of the New York City area. The City Hotel is a pioneer to the development of new and more fashionable styles. Therefore, the basic construction is not the only important strategic location. But it is also thought that the hotel is also a qualified resting place. So, there’s nothing wrong set in the suburbs.

After that, came the legendary hotels such as the Tremont House (Boston, 1829), which for decades was considered as one of the top places in the United States (U.S.). The Tremont is competing with Astor House, which was built in New York, 1836. At that time, the modern hotel is synonymous with the development of traffic and a place to rest. When the construction of the railway network was at its height, almost at every stop (station) there was a hotel.

Along with the development of technology and the growing extent of the range of land transport (especially after the discovery of motor vehicles), the area around the railroad no longer attract investors. People then prefer to use the roads rather than rail car. Transit popularity was rivaled by the presence of “motel”, a combination of the words “motor hotel “is the same as the resting place of motorists.

Motel heyday did not last long. As it is more rapidly development of the city, the ending of era motel anyway. Mainly it because of rather in the suburbs and facilities that is less good with the hotel in the city center. If forced to spend the night in the suburb, the motel had to contend with a resort hotel, which grows in many places of rest.

In addition to the hotel, resort, hotel real children who were born in the 1990s is not less great. Call it a variety of extended- stay hotel, especially for guests who need a place to stay at least five nights. While business people who have to negotiate in the village or the land, can find hotel apartment. In America, two types of hotels are growing very rapidly.

In Indonesia, said the hotel is always connoted as lodging buildings are quite expensive. Commonly known in Indonesian star hotels, budget hotels charge quite affordable , but only provides a place to stay and breakfast , guest house and well managed as private businesses ( such as jasmine ) or mess which is managed by the companies as a place to stay for the guests that are related to the activities or affairs of the company .

Now is not hard as it used to look for hotels , ranging from one star to five stars , the more stars, luxury hotels and service the better , and the price – is quite expensive , in the era of the all forward many emerging new hotels , businesses hotel – was trying to compete in a healthy manner , namely by improving the quality and good service , and strive to have unique properties , to attract the interest of visitors , ranging from the facilities provided to the scenery that makes the visitors happy . The following information will be given hotel with beautiful views in the world :


1 . Banyan Tree Hotel , Bangkok , Thailand
With the view from the top portion of bangkok ( top right ) and garden ( left) is bound to attract a number of tourists . The view will be more beautiful when seen at night with the city lights are beautiful.

banyan tree hotel bangkok

banyan tree hotel bangkok


2 . Oberoi Udaivilas , India
Located on the banks of Lake Pichola , The Oberoi Udaivilas palace surrounded by the ambience of royal Rajasthan and equipped with showers , a pool , and a beautiful garden .

the oberoi udaivilas

the oberoi udaivilas


3 . Haning Gardens Ubud , Bali
Located in the green mountains and rice fields in Bali , this luxury resort has 38 villas pool , unique restaurants and bars , as well as a spa with holistic treatments .

hanging gardens ubud

hanging gardens ubud


4 . Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji
The first underwater resort in the world with a length of nearly a mile underwater life gives audiences an unmatched Fiji . Visitors can also explore the ocean floor with a small submarine designed.

poseidon undersea resort fiji

poseidon undersea resort fiji


5 . Alila Villas Uluwatu , Indonesia ( Bali )
Bali should be proud . One of the luxury hotels, Alila Villas Uluwatu won the title as the most beautiful hotel (Best – Dressed Hotels) in The Smith Hotel Awards 2013. The award was obtained thanks to Alila Villas Uluwatu beauty bar design that looks like a giant bird’s nest box on the edge of the Indian Ocean. From the bar, visitors can see the panorama of the Indian Ocean which looks blue clear with no limits. Alila Villas Uluwatu building stuck on top of a cliff that juts into the sea in the region Pecatu , Bali .

alila villas uluwatu bali

alila villas uluwatu bali


6 . The Twelve Apostles Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa
The hotel presents a view of Mount Range and Camps Bay beaches make the visitors will be comfortable naturalness around there.

cape town south africa

cape town south africa


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The Most Beautiful Bridges in the World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

The bridge is a structure that allows the construction route transportation through rivers, lakes, times, highways, railways and others. Construction of the bridge is a structure that serves to connect the two sections of road that was interrupted by the presence of obstacles such as deep valleys, the rivers and irrigation channels water.

Given the very important function of the bridge is a connector road that passed two hurdles, then the bridge can be said to be part of a street, either highways or railroads. Here are some types of bridges:

1 . Bridge over the river
2 . Bridge over the river channel irrigation / drainage
3 . Bridge over the valley
4 . Above the existing road bridge / viaduct

As is generally the Bridge is a tool that is needed to connect one place to another place in order to accelerate and condense distance of a journey, but besides that there are other factors that make a bridge as a trademark for an area / country. Here we will provide information to the bridge as well as the most expensive construction costs make these bridges as the most beautiful bridge in the world. The following information :

1 . Khaju Bridge

special gift ideas for her

special gift ideas for her

Khaju bridge which is located in Isfahan was built around the 17th century by Sultan Shah Abbas II . This bridge also doubles as a dam to irrigate parks along the river Zayandeh . Khaju Bridge has roofed hall which is decorated with colorful ceramics. In the middle of the bridge there is a large pavilion where the king can enjoy the beauty of the river in the center of Isfahan city.





2 . London Bridge

the london bridge in london England

the london bridge in london England

The London Bridge have been one of Fergie ‘s title track song and its construction is started since 1886. The bridge was built in Victorian Gothic style to fit with the nearby Tower of London. The middle of the bridge can be opened for vessel traffic passing through the River Thames. Now, the bridge has become one of the landmarks of London, England.








3 . Golden Gate

golden gate bridge pictures

golden gate bridge pictures

The Golden Gate Bridge Very classic but cannot be denied . Golden Gate bridge is known as the most magnificent and most beautiful. Built in 1937, the Golden Gate into San Francisco landmark is most famous in the world. Contrasting red color seen around the waters and the sky is blue. This bridge is located in California.











4 . Banpo Bridge

visiting south korea

visiting south korea

On September 9, 2008 , the Banpo Bridge in Seoul ( South Korea ) got a major facelift that is 10,000-nozzle fountain that runs all the way on both sides . Once installed, the bridge turned into a major tourist attraction, as the bridge pumps out 190 tons of water per minute using the water from the river below.











5 . Millau Bridge

Millau Bridge

Millau Bridge

Millau Viaduct Bridge Towering 1,125 – ft above the Tarn Valley in southern France, driving along the Millau Bridge is said to feel like flying. Foster, Partners marvel is slightly taller than the Eiffel Tower, and it took three years to build and opened to the public in 2004. This bridge is very beautiful scenery, especially after the fog down.

The Millau Bridge has a total length of 8.071-ft with the longest single span 1.122-ft and a maximum under permission from 886-ft, in a short bridge is massively impressive both on paper and in real life. The deck is lofted on 7 pylons and weighs 36,000 tons. A series of seven pillars, with each of it has 292-feet tall and weight of 700 tons, which is attached to the mast as appropriate.




6 . Henderson Waves

temporary bridge

temporary bridge

Henderson Waves bridge has a height of 36 meters or 12 storeys from the road , 300 meters long and can be connected to the parks at Mount Faber and Telok Blangah Hill . This bridge is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.











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The Most Beautiful Flowers in The World

November 25th, 2014 No comments


By : Ririn Sholiha

Flowers are the sexual reproductive structures of florist, the flowers are the reproductive organs of the stamens and pistil, Flower is not only synonymous with something beautiful, and refreshing atmosphere, but can also give the impression of a romantic. It is also has the form and the colors which are very attractive, so it can arouse our emotions become increasingly absorbed in a state of romantic and soothing.

In every countries must have had a very well-known flower, so it capable to be self-characteristic icon to enjoy the beauty of the flower which every country had. Various kinds of flowers are exists in the world and different parts of the country, including Indonesia with known as its diversity. So, no wonder if its beauty, flowers are often used as a symbol of beauty and even elegance symbol of love.

Flowers are also become an international race events, which is conducted annually or periodically, such as “Pasadena”, a flower arranging competition in large numbers and many more with participants from all over the country.
For those of you who love the beauty of the flowers, and have plans to buy flowers to decorate your home and garden. Here we will give a list of information most beautiful flower in the world :

1. Dendrobium Flowers

flowers sakura

flowers sakura

Dendrobium orchid is one that is protected under Appendix PP. 7 of 1999. Dendrobium orchid flower is called strawberry orchid (strawberry). This flower looks so small and beautiful, if you look at it, you will fall in love at first sight, and the development of this flower in the tree is so magic and perfect in every way.








2. Cherry Blossom Flowers

beautiful flowers world

beautiful flowers world










3. Canna Flower

beautiful flowers world

beautiful flowers world

Canna petals not only provide beauty, but also its leaves look beautiful. Canna flowers have cheery color variety and were the most beautiful flower had been in the Victorian era.










4. Sakura Flower

sakura blossom japan

sakura blossom japan

Sakura is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, as at the time this flower blossom; we’ll see an incredible sight. The most beautiful colors of the flowers are white and pink. Even at the time of falling and lying out in the land the sight of whom viewed by this flower would be amazing.








5. Orchid

orchid Singapore

orchid Singapore

The orchid is a flowerthat entered into the list of most beautiful flower in the world. These flowers are the most abundant in Indonesia; this type is divers and even reaches thousands. The orchid is often cultivated by the farmers of flowers, such as in Lembang, Bandung who grows orchids for treatment and selling, the price is also diverse.






6. Flower Blue Bells

flower bluebells

flower bluebells

Flower Blue Bells is actually a forest flowers, but because of the beauty of the blue color of the petals of this flower, thus makes this flower like a paradise flower.








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The Most Beautiful Lakes in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Lake is one of the attractive tourist destination. Atmosphere that can make our mind feel calm and refreshed, and provide a new experience. Some people are bored with the atmosphere of a crowded and jammed, and go to the lake becomes an option. Here is a list of the most beautiful lakes in the world :

1. Sheosar Lake, Pakistan

most beautiful picture of nature

Sheosar Lake is a beautiful lake in the world with beautiful views. Around the lake are there is a lush green plains, the extended of hills and mountains with endemic animals that live in areas around the lake. Sheosar looks very calm with clear water reflecting the shadow of the scenery around the lake, the cool breeze and the meadow like a green carpet. Sheosar lake situated in Deosai National Park, Pakistan at a height of four thousand feet with a length of 2.3 km, 1.8 km wide and has a depth of 40 meters.



2. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

plitvice lakes

Plitvice Lakes is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, and one with a waterfall that makes beautifully. The lake is located in the largest national park in Croatia. To get into area lakes and waterfalls is subjected to very strict rules and each year more than 1.2 million people visit this lake. This lake has an area of almost 300 km ² and is located in the forest with animals of many speciesthat inhabit the forest such as deer, bears, wolves, and rare bird species.






3. Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada

rocky mountain tours

Peyto Lake is located in the province of Alberta, in the Canadian Rockies Mountains. The water is a beautiful turquoise and warm waters are a paradise of beauty like Antigua and Bora-Bora. Lake Louise, which also exists in Alberta, the lake is well known and often used as images on postcards and posters. However, Peytolah lake located 29 miles north of the Icefields Parkway, between the mountains of the Canadian Rockies, is the most beautiful place to preserve. To see a more dramatic scenery of the lake that 1.7 mile-long away, just move around in the dense forest to the summit of the mountain, then go down to the Bow Summit, the highest point of the park and follow the path to see the hiking trails.



4. Lake Toba – North Sumatra

lake toba

Lake Toba is a volcanic lake and one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, the measured length is 100 kilometers and the width is 30 kilometers, it is located in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. This lake is also the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. In the middle of this lake there is a volcanic island called Samosir Island. Lake Toba has been become an important tourist destination in North Sumatra besides Bukit Lawang, Berastagi and Nias, that attract domestic and foreign tourists.









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The Most Beautiful House Beaches in the World

April 16th, 2014 No comments


By : Ririn Sholiha

The house is one of the building used as a place to stay for a certain period. The house could be a human or an animal shelter, but for a specific term shelter for the animals are caged, nest, or enclosure. In a special sense, refers to the concepts of social-community that exists in the residential buildings, such as the family, living, eating, sleeping, activity, and others.

As a building, house-shaped space bounded by walls and a roof. The house has a driveway with additional windowed door. Usually a ground floor house, tiles, rugs, ceramic, or other materials. Modern-style house usually has these elements. Room in the house is divided into several spaces that serve specific, such as bedrooms, bathroom, WC, dining room, kitchen, family room, living room, garage, barn, porch and yard.

In day-to-day activities, people usually are outside the home to work, attend school or perform other activities. The most commonly performed activities in the house is resting and sleeping. The rest, the house serves as a place to move between family members or friends, both inside and outside the home yard.

The house can serve as a place to enjoy a comfortable life, a place to rest, a family gathering place and a place to indicate the level of society. Therefore, some people deliberately make a house by the beach, with the waves shadows, sunlight adhesion, as well as calmness, coolness, freshness, comfort and relaxation, of course, make feel at home in the house. The following information will be given the most beautiful beach in the world :

1. The Exumas, Bahamas
Price : U.S. $ 85 million
Bedrooms : 11
Bathrooms : 11
Building area : –

The island has five buildings on the land area of almost 38 hectares. The Exumas can accommodate 22 persons in the nobles castle, beach cottage, and port guard house guest cottages named Buttonwood and Seagrape. There is additional space for 29 staff in rural employees and consists of the chef and butler, cottages technicians, pilots lounge, domestic staff offices and barracks.

There is still a life-support feature on the island which consists of a workshop, tower water management, warehouse, electrical power systems, telephone, data systems and vehicle services. There is a lighthouse, a heliport and docks. If the sea water are still not enough, there’s a pool and a waterslide.

most beautiful house in the world

most beautiful house in the world


2. Lorient Bay, St. Barts
Price : U.S. $ 18,786,259
Bedrooms : 5
Bathrooms : 5
Building area : –

This contemporary beach house is located in an area of ½ acre of land in the Caribbean. There is the sun around the pool you are led to make the blue ocean. This home comprises four bedrooms with private bathrooms, and while the main room with kitchen, terrace located behind the front yard.

st barts resorts

st barts resorts


3. Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Price : –
Bedrooms : 12
Bathrooms : 12
Building area : + / – 1278.5 square meters

Steele Point Villa is located in the 27.4-meter high rock promontory with a 360 degree view on an area of 8 hectares. The main villa with an area of 288 square meters consists of five suites, several docks and dock with swimming pool. There are still three other buildings, one of which Gestalt villa measuring 245 square meters Mediterranean-style also features a swimming pool. While Blackbeard is a two bedroom villa with swimming pool, laundry and maintenance areas.

tortola resorts

tortola resorts


4. Livorno, Italy
Price : –
Bedrooms : 1
Bathrooms : 1
Building area : + / – 45 square meters

This tiny cottage reluctant to disclose the sale price. Only potential applicants who could know the price. This cottage is located in a protected park area, meaning no other buildings blocking the view of the sea or damaging dirt road downhill to the seafront. This house has a summer kitchen and a terrace for dining area.

italian villa

italian villa


5. Mallorca, Spain
Price : U.S. $ 4,884,427
Bedrooms : 6
Bathrooms : 5
Building area : + / – 404 square meters

This house was built in 1937 for governor of Mallorca. This house has a tower overlooking the bay of Cala d’Or and is one of only two properties were built in the bay. This house has a main section and sections, covered porch and open terraces, a swimming pool and a double layer on the water.

beautiful houses for sale

beautiful houses for sale


6. Phuket, Thailand
Price : U.S. $ 17,898,724
Bedrooms : 7
Bathrooms : 7
Building area : 2,005 square feet

This amazing contemporary villa situated in Cape Yamu private estate complex, Phuket. Outdoor terraced house with views of Phang Nga Bay is standing on a land area of 4.645 square meters. High windows are about 8 meters and equipped with a spa, gym and steam room. This home also has a pool and secluded area for couples in the outdoor pavilion.

most beautiful house in the world

most beautiful house in the world


7. Grenada, West Indies
Price : U.S. $ 3.5 million
Bedrooms : 6
Bathrooms : 5
Building area : –

The house is far from boring. Clad in yellow, green, pink, blue, red and surrounded by green foliage and blue waters of the Caribbean sea, Azzura Castle as rainbow display. In addition to five-bedroom suites, there is an apartment with roof terrace in a small tower, there is also a separate guest house in the tower, to enjoy the breeze and sunlight, there are two beaches, seaside Jacuzzi and terrace.

most beautiful house in the world

most beautiful house in the world


8. Cyprus
Price : U.S. $ 2.3
Bedrooms : 3-4
Bathroom : –
Building area : 260 to 464.5 square meters

Modern style house in Akamas Bay Villas is offering access to the beach, fishing pier that can be accomplished in just a few steps, as well as the Akamas Peninsula national park. Most of the 39 villas that are still under construction is already selling well. These villas offer many ways to enjoy the natural scenery Cyprus. You can also see directly the Mediterranean Sea, relax in the swimming pool, terraces and stone partially in shadow.

most beautiful house in the world

most beautiful house in the world


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The Most Beautiful Bird in The World

March 7th, 2014 No comments


By : Ririn Sholiha

Birds are winged animals , two-legged , warm-blooded , egg-laying vertebrate animals in large groups and there around the world , from the desert to the north pole , and in the Amazon rain forest , and Greenland . There are more than 8,600 species of birds have been identified which are divided into 27 orders . In addition, there are many subspecies that if calculated with species known to contain over 3200 types .

Birds are homoioterma , warm-blooded , with a fixed temperature 40-44 ° C. The light and hollow bones of birds in various sections to reduce the density and weight. All birds have beaks , which are different beak shapes and sizes . Most birds have feathers , except a few who do not have fur .

Bird is believed to be the evolution of reptiles , such as dinosaurs , which lived about 180 million years ago . Birds change at the time of tooth loss and other characteristics of reptiles , while experiencing the evolutionary process that takes millions of years , at the same time , hair grows on the tail and wings . Here are the main features of animals birds :

1 . Bodies are covered with hair .
2 . Has a toothless beak and two wings .
3 . Has scales on its feet .
4 . Spawn and their eggs are protected by a hard shell .
5 . Breathe through lungs , there are also air pocket or air bag
6 . Warm-blooded .

Although most birds can fly there are some species that are not able to fly like an ostrich , rea , emus , kiwis and penguins can not fly . All birds have wings though the bird that can not fly , though small and useless . Bird is Oviparous that spawn . Usually the female will incubate the eggs of birds , sometimes both partners will be rotated , and in some species of birds only male birds will hatch the eggs . There are also species of birds that lay their eggs in other birds’ nests for birds incubated by the host families .

In addition , the bird has a beautiful color and shape , there are thousands of species of birds in the world and hundreds of patterns of color in it , which makes the bird look more beautiful and lovely . Information this article we will provide information about bird masu in the list of the prettiest in the world :


1 . Golden ( Chrysolophus Pictus )
Chrysolophus Pictus of Asia is a brightly colored bird . These birds come from forests in the mountains of western China , but wild populations have been established in the United Kingdom and elsewhere .

kinds of birds

kinds of birds



2 . Birds of Paradise ( Paradisaeidae )
Bird of paradise found in New Guinea , the feathers of this bird wing shaped like ornaments . This bird is known as a tropical bird feathers as brilliant colors . Bird of Paradise live mostly in New Guinea and neighboring islands . Besides iti , brightly colored feathers of the male birds are sought as decorations for women’s hats .

types of birds

types of birds


3 . Hyacinth Macaw ( Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus )
Hyacinth macaw is a bird native to South America and the Middle East . This bird is the largest bird species types of macaws and parrots flying in the world, the amount of up to 3.5kg , has a greater length than any other species of parrots, their popularity as pets has taken its toll on wild populations . This bird price of around $ 9,000 – $ 12,000 U.S. .

hyacinth macaw

hyacinth macaw


4 . Raggiana Bird of Paradise ( Paradisaea Raggiana )
The Raggiana bird of paradise , also known as bird of paradise Count Raggis . These birds are best known as bird of paradise , bird habitat is widely distributed in the south island of New Guinea and northeastern . Has a length of 34 cm , red – brown -gray , yellow iris and feet grayish brown . Male birds have a yellow crown , emerald – green throat and yellow collar between the throat , wing feather color varies from red to orange depending on the subspecies . While Bird females smaller than males , with a brown face and had no fur trimmings .

blue birds of paradise

blue birds of paradise


5. Cendrawasih Blue
Blue Bird of Paradise or the scientific name Paradisaea Rudolphi is a kind of medium-sized birds of paradise , with a length of about 30cm , of the genus Paradisaea . These birds are in the area is mountainous forests of Papua New Guinea to the east and southeast , generally from an altitude of 1,400 meters to a height of 1,800 meters above sea level .

exotic birds

exotic birds


6 . Peacock Blue
Peacock Blue or Peacock India , which is the scientific name Pavo cristatus is one of three species of bird peacock , blue peacock feather has a shiny dark blue . While large -sized adult male bird , a length of 230 cm , with a very long tail cover green metallic . Blue Peacock population scattered in open forests with grasslands in the State like India , Indonesia , Pakistan , Sri Lanka , Nepal and Bhutan , earlier this species is found also in Bangladesh , but is now likely to have been extinct .

tropical birds

tropical birds


7. Cendrawasih Red
Red Bird of Paradise or the scientific name Paradisaea rubra is a kind of warbler -sized, with a length of about 33 cm , from the clan Paradisaea . Indonesian endemic , the Red Bird of Paradise is found only in lowland forests on the island Waigeo and Batanta in Raja Ampat , West Irian Jaya province .

bird of paridise

bird of paridise


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The Most Beautiful Beach in The World

October 12th, 2013 No comments


By : Ririn Sholiha

The beach was the mostenjoyable place, we can look at the beautiful waves and the cool air, besides that we can feel the touch of sand, and the atmosphere can calm the mind and bring the atmosphere of joy, no wonder that many people who spend a day off to go to the beach. The following is a list of the most beautiful beaches in the world :

1. Seychelles

seychelles islands

Seychelles is one of the most beautiful beaches with a view of the world, pale pink sand at Anse Source d’Argent stretched across the island of La Digue, one of the components of the 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. Luminosity emitted from the sand seems to be the background of the wonderful views that arises like a granite rock. Greenish blue color water emitted from the shallow sea and the waves hit the reef.






2. Costa Del Sud, Sardinia, Italy

cost rica

Coast of Costa Del Sud is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, to go to this beach we have to drive, but the clean blue water, white sand and few people know about it. This is the most convenient beaches. The beach is much better than the existing beaches on the Italian mainland.







3. Fernando de Noronha

tropical islands

Fernando de Noronha beach is located on the coast of Brazil, few people know this beach because it is so far made, however the beach is given the title as “The Most Beautiful Marine Park in the World” because of the beauty of the sea color is clear and that’s why this place is including in an UNESCO World Heritage Site.







4. Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia

the whitsundays

Whitehaven beach is the most beautiful and famous beachees on the continent of Australia. It is white incredible sand which located in the North Queensland Whitsunday Islands.







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The Most Beautiful Park in The World

September 28th, 2013 No comments


By : Ririn Sholiha

Beautiful garden always brings a cozy and cool environment, especially when the trees are green and the colors – colorful flowers that look beautiful, no wonder some countries compete – the competition to make a beautiful garden to be characteristic of the country, the garden variety – various kinds of garden consisting the flow of water such as lakes, waterfalls and other – other. The following is a kind of – kind of the most beautiful gardens in the world :

1. Keukenhof Gardens


Keukenhof Gardens in Holland, this is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world and has its own beauty, in which there are many high green trees and beautiful coloring flowers – colorful and various kinds. Moreover,there is also a lake like river flow whic adds the atmosphere, making it more cool, beautiful and natural.











2. Butchart Gardens


Butchart Gardens in Canada states, inside the garden is a great waterfall which is a characteristic of the Butchart Gardens, In addition, there are varieties of plants – which arranged neatly and tidy, in order to make the garden looks more beautiful, cool and convenient if you’re in it.











3. The Huntington Botanical Gardens

flower gardens

This flower garden is located outside Los Angeles and has been modified from the work of farmers into a heaven for flowers lovers. This garden has more than 14,000 kinds of plants such as lily flowers, and roses. And there are also flowers from the subtropical countries and Australia.







4. Keukenhof


Keukenhof is also called the Garden of Europe is near Lisse in the Netherlands and is the world’s largest flower garden for over fifty years. Here, you can see colorful blossom flowers. This park has more than 7 million tulips in 100 varieties which are planted by hand in an area of 32 hectares. Tulip flowers are the most prominent for being the national symbol of Holland.
This park was established in 1949 by former mayor of Lisse. The idea is to present a flower exhibition where farmers from all over the Netherlands and Europe could show off their hybrids. Keukenhof is opened once a year in the last Sunday of March until mid May. The best time to view the tulips is around mid-April.


5. Montreal

the underground montreal

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada. The city is located on the island of Montreal and Ottawa and a meeting of the river St. Lawrence. The Montreal Botanical Garden is the place to visit in every season. The Montreal Botanical Garden, located just a few minutes from downtown Montreal, right near the Biodome and Olympic Park, offers a world of colors and scents for visitors to enjoy.
Montreal Garden is the largest botanical garden containing more than 20,000 different plant species in 31 specialized gardens, including the largest Chinese Garden outside of Asia and a Japanese garden with teahouses and wonderful collection of bonsai.
No matter the season, visitors to the Montreal Botanical Garden is always crowded and will be fascinated to see the colors and fragrances from around the world when they wandered in the Montreal Garden area.


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The Most Beautiful Lake in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Lake is great basin on the surface of the earth which is inundated by water either melt or salt , that all basin was surrounded by land, the beautiful lake varies considerably, the authenticity of the natural environment makes people happy to visit , the majority of lake has been used as a tourism place, it is no wonder if around the lake there are hotels and rental houses to stay, but there are some lakes which is still not be kept. Thus we have to be well-versed use the existing potential without destroying its natural beauty. The following are the list of the most beautiful lakes in the world :

1. Lake Toba

danau toba sumatra

Lake Toba comes from Indonesia, Historically; Toba Lake was a volcano at once. This Lake is located in the former world’s biggest super volcano crater. Mount Toba expected to errupt in estimated 73 thousand years ago. This eruption was recorded as volcanic fire largest that affect climate change in the whole world.






2. Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe / Zambia

Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya, is located in southern Africa between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Waterfall was named after the return Queen Victoria in 1855 by David Livingstone, a scottish pioneerr. At first, the waterfall is called “The Mist That Thunders” which taken from a place in the Seven Natural Wonders World. Although it is not the highest or the widest in the world, this waterfall is one of the greatest and most interesting waterfall with a width 1,708 meters and height 108 meters.



3. Heaven Lake

lake homes for sale

Heaven Lake comes from China, this Lakehas its own beauty, and becoming one of the most beautiful lakes in China.









4. Yucatan Lake

romance places

This is a forbidden lake as local people believe that the lake is a grave from god of Maya Peoples in Mexico. This Lake is located under the ground of Tiger Che which is in Yucatan peninsula.








5. Lake Paniai


Paniai Lake is the best and most beautiful lakes inthe world. This was stated by 157 countries of the owner lake in the world at World Lakes Conference in India on November 30, 2007. Paniai Lakes which has the width 14,500 Ha , is at an altitude 7,500 meters above sea level and the condition until now still exist.

Around the lake stored the values art and culture local communities i.e. art and culture of Mee and Moni. They are special, marvelous, and exotic, moreover, this exotic lake presents nature panorama that is, bluish water lake and the atmosphere around is very beautiful which attract visitor’s attention to go there. There are rocks and sand in the edge of the lake, and surrounded by sandstone cliffs which are quitehigh.


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The Most Beautiful Artist in The World

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By : Ririn Sholiha

Artists are called beautiful because of her beauty, Beauty is the main capital, and in fact the beauty artists also can determine the public’s interest in watching television or Movies Theater, therefore it would not be surprised if the artist is considered beautiful. Here is a list of 10 one of the most beautiful artists in the world:

1. Megan Fox

megan fox

Megan Fox was born May 16, 1986 in Tennessee. She has one older sister. Megan began training in drama and dance at the age of 5 years, at age 10 she moved to Florida where she continued her training and her study to complete. She now lives in Los Angeles. Megan began acting and modeling at age 13, after winning several awards at the 1999 American modeling and Talent Convention in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Megan made her film as ‘ Brianna Wallace ‘ in Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen movie.









2. Song hye kyo

song in the south

Song Hye Kyo was born November 22, 1981, her nick name when she was a child is Hakkyo. At the time of her birth in a state hospital, the doctor raise his handsand surrender, but miracle coming, and she is getting well, so her mother re-enroll the date of her birth on 26 February 1982
In 2000, artist Song Hye-Kyo starred in Korean drama entitled “Endless Love” with artist’s Song-hun and Won-bin. In 2001 reappeared again starred in the famous Korean dramas “Hotelier”. In 2003 Song fell in love with a man named Lee Byung Hun when they meet in “All In” which unfortunately only lasted until 2005.
In 2004, Song is starring again in Korean dramas which are reaching success, starring with Rain Korean Singer, the title of the film is “Full House”.




3. Kate Winslet

most beautiful make up

Kate Winslet Elizabeth was born October 5, 1975; she grew up in Berkshire, Winslet and studied drama from childhood, and began her career on Britishin television in 1991. Kate Winslet is a British actress and singer occasionally. She has received several awards and nominations. She is the youngest person to win six Academy Award nominations, and won the Academy Award for best actress for The Reader in 2008. Winslet has been recognized for both comedy and dramatic works in projects ranging from period to contemporary, and from a large Hollywood production for indie films that are less publicized. She has won awards from the Screen Actors Guild, United Kingdom Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and has been nominated twice for an Emmy Award for the television acting, winning once for her role as Mildred Pierce in the 2011 mini series of the same name.

In 1997 she got the lead role in Titanic, the highest selling movies at the time of the year. Then in 2000, Winslet’s performances continues to draw positive comments from critic film, and she has been nominated for various awards for her work in movies such as Feather Pen in 2000, Iris in 2001, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004 Finding Neverland in 2004, Little Children in 2006, The Reader in 2008 and Revolutionary Road in 2008. On her second performances in New York Magazine, she asked, David Edelstein, a critic, to describe her as ‘ the best movie of British Actress of her generation ‘. The Holiday romantic comedy and animatedmovies “Flushed Away” both of them were in 2006 was among the biggest commercial success of her career. She also was awarded the Best Album Grammy Award for Spoken Word for children in 2000. Winslet has a daughter with her ex-husband, Jim Threapleton, and a son with her second husband, Sam Mendes. Now, she lives in New York.



4. Catherine Zeta Jones

cathrine zeta

Catherine Zeta-Jones was born on September 25, 1969, in Swansea, West Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom, she is a daughter of Dai Jones, Chaterine Zeta Jones has two elder brothers David Jones and Lyndon. Catherine showed interest in entertainment beginning at an early age. After starring in several British and American movies and small roles films in television, then she starred on stage in ‘ Annie, ‘ ‘ Bugsy Malone ‘ and ‘ the Pajama Game ‘. She also led British resurrection in ‘ 42nd Street ‘. She initially served as a second substitute for a major role in the musical but when a star and the first substitute first became ill, at that drama producer seat in the middle of the audience, and she was given a responsibility to lead the rest of the music production. She first made a name for himself in the early 1990s, when she starred in the comedy series of the Yorkshire Television/drama ‘ The Darling Buds of may ‘ in 1991. The event was a huge success and made her one of the most popular actress in British TV series.

She then played a supporting role in several films including Christopher Columbus: The Discovery in 1992, Catherine’s the great miniseries in 2000 and larger as the seductive Sala in The Phantom in 1996 before landing the role of her breakthrough played Elena opposite Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas in The Mask of Zorro in 1998. She starred in many great movies such as Entrapment , the budget in 1999, The Haunting 1999 and Traffic in 2000, which many believe she was robbed of the Oscar nomination for best supporting actress. In November 2000 she was married to the actor Michael Douglas. She gave birth to their son, Dylan Michael in August 2000.



5. Keira Knightley

the beautiful people christina

Keira Christina Knightley was born on March 26, 1985, she was an actress and model, Keira Christina began his career as artist. In 2002 after starring in the movie Bend it like Beckham. From 2003 her performance in Pirates of the Caribbean film series brought her into far greater prominence. Knightley has appeared in several Hollywood films and earned nominations for the Academy Award for best actress and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her role as Elizabeth Bennet in Joe Wright’s 2005 adaptation of Jane Austen’s Novel Pride and prejudice. Two years later she was re-nominated for a Golden Globe Award for best actress and BAFTA Award for the best actress in a Leading role for her performance in Atonement. In 2008, Forbes claimed Knightley to be the second-highest paid actress in Hollywood, after reportedly earned $ 32.000.000 in 2007, it made her the only non-American on the list of highest-paid actresses.



6. Angelina Jolie

the most beautiful ladies

the most beautiful ladies

Angelina Jolie was born on June 4, 1975 in Los Angeles, California. Jolie also worked as a model, she started her career as a model at age 14 years in LA, New York and London. Two years later, she tried to do act in theater. From theater she then surge to big screen. Started her professional on the big screen at the end of 1993, Cyborg 2, which was then continued on “Without evidence”, HANCKERS in 1995, Mojave Moon, LOVE IS ALL there is in 1996, playing GOD in 1997, Encourage TIN, BONE Collector in 1998, Girl, interupted in 1999 and Gone in sixty seconds in 2000. She is also known as the ambassador of PBB for the world’s peace.

Her name began to appear in Hollywood when playing in the game Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001 and her enough brave , ORIGINAL SIN in 2001. In addition, Jolie also starred film or Life things such as TI in 2002, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The cradle of Life in 2003, Beyond Borders in 2003, Take Lives in 2004, Shark Tale in 2004, Sky captain rogelio and the world tomorrow in 2004.

Fame as an actress Hollywood. Angelina exploited by good social activities. The campaign is also shown through her love for peace by adopting babies from some of the third world, Angelina also have biological child from her boyfriend, an actor , Brad Pitt, named Shiloh Nouvel Jolie, who was born in Ethiopia, January 19, 2006, a pair twin Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt, both of them were born on July 12, 2009 in Nice, France.

Jolie married to actor Billy Bob Thornton and Jonny Lee Miller, which both of them ended in divorce. Jolie now in relationship with Pitt since 2004, when co-star in MR & MRS.. SMITH, who was Pitt still married to actress Jennifer Aniston. Besides her beloved children,, tattoo is one of her hobby. In her body, Jolie has13 tattoos which are known to the public.

After giving birth and busy taking care of her sons, Jolie again played a role in the movie The Good Shepherd at the end of 2006 and A MIGHTY, a documentary genre drama film at the end of 2007. With James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie acted again in the game, film WANTED. This Film brought to successfully in a box office.

In the movie animation Kung Fu Panda, Jolie contributed her voice into character Master Tigress. Still in the year 2008, she appeared in the challenging role entrance as Christine Collins. Thanks to her role , she was nominated for Best actress in the event BAFTA Awards, London Film Critics Circle Awards, Broadcast Film Critics Association Award and the Academy Award. So little biography of Angelina Jolie.



7. Kim Kardashian

kardashian makeup artist

kardashian makeup artist

Kim Kardashian Humphries was born on October 21, 1980, she was an American businessman, socialite, television personality, model, and actress. She is the daughter of Attorney Robert Kardashian the Last, Kardashian has risen in January 2011 Primarily Kourtney and Kim took in New York, the second spin-off from Keeping Up with the Kardashians which are Kourtney and Khloe took in Miami at first, she started with the next series of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian leave Los Angeles to open the third DASH store in New York City.

Kardashian has launched multiple fragrances, guest stars on many TV shows, compete in ABC’S Dancing with the Stars, and has had roles in films such as Disaster Movies and Deep in the Valley. In 2010, Kardashian, along with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe, released an autobiography, Kardashian Confidential.



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The Most Beautiful Flower in The World

July 2nd, 2013 No comments


By : Ririn Sholiha

Flower is a plant that look beautiful and gorgeous, the mood we have can be expressed through flowers as it’s never wrong according to the flowers we chosen , Furthermore, the flower itself does have its own beauty in every piece, lids and color. Below are the five most beautiful flowers in the world :

1. Rainbow Roses

rainbow roses

Rainbow roses, these flowers come from Holland, after having done experiments for many – years, the beauty of its color of the flowers are produced in each of the lids, and formed naturally by natural tint through the stem during the growth period.










2. Sakura

in bloom floral

Sakura flowers are beautiful flowers, as when this flower blooms the scene that are presented to be very outstanding. The most beautiful color of this flower is white and pink. Even though they fall and lie on the ground, the scene presented by this flower will be greatly amazing.







3. Canna


Canna flowers not only gives the beauty on the petals, but also the beauty of the leaves with beautiful various colors. This flower is very popular in Victorian times and also as the decorative plants in the garden.







4. Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom trees

Cherry Blossom is the unofficial flower of Japan, these flowers arrived at the spring festival celebrated by both in Japan and the United States, the most popular color of this flowers are white and pink.




5. Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise plant

Bird of Paradise comes from South Africa and is known by the name of Crane Flower, it is named as Bird Of Paradise because of its shape like a bird that comes from heaven (myth).





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The Most Beautiful Bird in The World

March 26th, 2013 No comments


By : Ririn Sholiha

Birds are animals that can fly, and one of the much-loved animals in the community, in addition to breeding, these animals can be used to entertain ourselves, why is that??? some people say, to hear the sounds of birds chirping very melodious and good, make them feel comforted.

Each bird has different characteristics, from the color of fur, feather motifs, and the way they sing, all the same names vary, all that determines the price of the bird, the chirp good voice and a good fur color, the price is also expensive.

Now if we look at the market, many animals we encounter, not least among the public as well, certainly a lot of us have encountered a few people who like to collect the birds, they are also willing to spend a lot of money to have their favorite bird, if you include people who like to collect birds. Here we will give tips on how to care for the animals on this one :

Caring for animals, especially pets, birds chirping is a very enjoyable hobby, many hobbyists use the services of a nurse or caretaker of birds, but not a few hobbyists are directly involved in day to day maintenance, ranging from bathing, feeding, drying, cleaning, extra stelaan fooding, and so on.

However, not infrequently from hobby activities reap disappointment, like a bird that has long dipiara never benign, never silent, or even worse as a result of sudden death in the care of. Besides the disappointment, of course, there is also a sense of satisfaction, such suits are fitted to birds EF deemed healthy and stable, gacor as expected, and also success in pemasteran pattern noise.

Caring for twittering birds certainly not the same as caring for fish or livestock, caring for a humming bird stone, for example, would not the same as caring for canaries, bird care pentet certainly not the same as caring for doves, and so on. So the conclusion finally, each individual animal must be different behavior, and diet. Never mind the different animal species, only one class of behavior is sometimes different, this is one of the art of caring for pets.

In order for the treatment or care of animals that become our hobby can run smoothly, the first step that we must implement is to know the type of bird that we keep first. How???

That is through the media INTERNET one real solution today, which are already provided with access. For instance: I want to keep the birds Murai Batu, the first step before deciding to purchase a humming bird stone, then I would find on the internet what it is bird Murai Batu, sex, food, habitat, habits, what type of bird, the dreaded enemy, the pattern his life, his bathroom habits, character voice, sexingnya, color, and so on, all about birds Murai Batu. If everything we see then decide to buy, and apply all that we can from the internet, the pattern becomes a habit maintainability of our day care day later, as well as other bird species, maintain a canary, find info about canaries, maintain cendet bird, find information about birds cendet.

Finally, I tried to invite the hobbyist to further promote knowledge first before buying, do not buy one until after the birds, we are confused in care. Hopefully with a few tips on how to keep the birds could help reduce the rate of death of these animals, as a result of the care. Furthermore, for bird enthusiasts. Here we will give a list of information the most beautiful bird in the world for you, may be useful as a reference point if you are confused to choose the bird that you will buy. Here is the information :

1. Bird Sun Conure
Birds Conure sun or sun paraket is one of the most beautiful birds in the world, beautifully colored birds, and of medium size. Besides this bird has a chirping sound good and be capable to imitate human speech.

macaws for sale

macaws for sale


2. Bird Cock of the Rock
Bird Cock of the rock is a kind of beautiful birds of medium size that is 20-40 cm, and comes from the South American nation. This bird gets its name, from places that are breeding in the rocky hills on the edge of the woods. Birds consists of two species, namely : First, Guyana Cock of The Rock Rupicola-rupicola, scattered on the plateau, including Suriname Guyana, eastern Colombia, southern Venezuela, Amazonia Brazil. Second, the Andean Cock of the Rock Rupicola peruvianus, which spread in the Andean forests include: Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Guyana cock-of-the-rock rupicola Rupicola-male with a decorative head, crown looks blooming semicircle while trying to lure male female birds.

Guyana Cock of the Rock is one of the most beautiful birds in the world and most bizarre. The whole body is covered with bird feathers orange is striking. Head semicircular crown fitted very unusual bird for the nation. But the strangest thing of all is when the breeding season mating ritual complex and unique.

About 30-40 male birds, will gather together in the sort field at the edge of the woods. Field is in the form of a demonstration area which consists of a low tree branch or vacant land clear of litter dry leaves. The whole bird would try to dance as best as possible, to develop body hair and a beautiful crown.

The twist, peck and chirp with a certain tone will be done by males to attract females. So extreme demonstration of this fur, so when the crown of the head and the hair on the back of expanding this species is not in sight and is shaped like a bird again.

Birds are attracted to females approached and choose one stud to marry her. The female will make a nest out of a mixture of mud, leaves and twigs. The nest is attached with saliva into a stone wall on a high hill. 1 or 2 eggs will be incubated for 27-28 days. Males do not have a role when making a nest and incubate the eggs. Only males are polygamous.

Guyana cock of the rock, including birds were very shy and somewhat difficult to approach. Most of the diet consists of fruits, birds were deemed to be low risk (Least Concern) to extinction, because the population is still a lot.

As for the Andean cock-of-the-rock Rupicola peruvianus, one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Females appear at the bottom center. This bird is known as the national bird of Peru.

Andean cock of the Rock, is slightly larger than Guyana. Characteristic of this bird is on the crest crown like a rock star of the ’80s, and the color of the feathers back bluish gray. Bird food consists of fruit, insects and small reptiles such as lizards and frogs. When the mating season, birds are less wary of this species will devoured by an eagle, puma, jaguar, ocelot kitten and pembelit boa. Nest was made at the mouth of the cave or the wall of a high hill. This bird can be found at an altitude of 500-2400 m above sea level.

birds of world list

birds of world list


3. Birds Golden Pheasant
Birds Golden Pheasant came from Asian countries, fur color is very nice and interesting. The bird is native to forests in mountainous areas of western China, but now there are wild populations have been established in the UK and elsewhere.

print birds

print birds


4. Raggiana bird of paradise
The Raggiana bird of paradise is also known as Count Raggi’s bird of paradise. This bird is also known as the bird of paradise. Habitat This bird is widely distributed in the southern island of New Guinea and northeast. It has a length of 34 cm, red-brown-gray, yellow iris and feet grayish brown. Male birds have a yellow crown, emerald-green throat and yellow collar between the throat. Wing feather color varies from red to orange depending on the subspecies. Female birds are smaller than males, with a brown face and had no fur trimmings.

beautiful birds in world

beautiful birds in world


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The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in The World

March 20th, 2013 No comments


By : Ririn Sholiha

The waterfall is a geological formation of the currents of water, which flows through a rock formation, with erosion and falling down from a height. Artificial waterfall can be commonly used in the park. Some waterfalls form in mountain environments where erosion are common.

In any country, the waterfall, continue to draw local and foreign tourists. In addition to beautiful scenery, waterfalls also be a place to do a variety of fun activities, for the traveler who loves nature and outdoor activities. Besides the beautiful scenery, many things that make a waterfall look so beautiful, from the roar of the water flow while down from the cliff, the light shining from the splashing water, and many other things. Currently under the waterfall, we could feel how small and weak we are, compared with the high and the strength of the flow of the waterfall, and can soothe feelings, heart and mind.

Waterfall entry in a masterpiece of the best of the Almighty, in the form of harmonization of natural beauty, combined with the towering hills with running water falls from a height, and break the rocks exposed in essence. All that can be enjoyed in different waterfall located throughout the world, we will provide the following information lists the most beautiful waterfalls in the world :

1. Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls is the name used to refer to three waterfalls, flowing across the border from Ontario (Canada) to New York (USA). Third waterfall in question is a waterfall Horseshoe, American falls and Bridal Veil falls. Horseshoe waterfall is located in the country of Canada, while the other two waterfalls located in the United States.
Niagara Falls, located on the Niagara watershed that drains water from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario. The waterfall is formed by subsidence at the end of ice age glaciers. Although the waterfall is not the highest in the world, but Niagara has a very wide waterfall, and a very heavy flow. Every minute of about 168 thousand cubic meters of water flowing through this waterfall falls.

victoria waterfalls

victoria waterfalls



2. Waterfalls Iguazu Falls
Waterfall iguazu falls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, located in Argentina, Brazil, and has a width of up to 2km, this waterfall is a combination of 275 different individuals waterfall.

iguazu falls argentina brazil

iguazu falls argentina brazil



3. Umpang Thee Lor Sue Waterfall

most beautiful falls in the world

most beautiful falls in the world



4. Multnomah Falls Waterfall
Multnomah falls waterfall is a waterfall on the side of the Columbia River Gorge Oregan, which is located east of Troutdale, between Corbett and Dodson, along the Historic Columbia River Hghway, in the United States (United States), this waterfall there are some parts of the the upper falls of 542 feet (165 m), and a lower falls of 69 feet (21 m).

water falls

water falls



5. Waterfall Victoria Falls
Waterfall Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya, located in southern Africa between the countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia. The waterfall is named after the arrival of Queen Victoria in 1855 by David Livingstone, a Scottish explorer. Formerly waterfall is named “The Mist That Thunders.” Taken place in the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. Although not the highest nor the widest in the world, this waterfall is one of the largest. With a width of 1708 meters and a height of 108 meters.

victoria falls in

victoria falls in



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