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By : Ririn Sholiha

Before we provide information about diabetes, wonderful thing our team will provide information about Adiponectin in Insulin Resistance.


What is that insulin resistance ?

Insulin resistance is a condition where the concentration of insulin in the body is very high, but the body does not respond properly to the action of insulin, so as if our bodies insulin deficiency. As a result, blood sugar contained in our body can not be balanced or excess blood sugar and eventually a person can be exposed to diabetes. Type diabetes resulting from insulin resistance are classified as type 2 diabetes or diabetes mellitus type 2.

What it adiponectin ?

When this has been discovered a protein that is involved in insulin resistance are adiponectin.
Adiponectin is a protein that has an important effect in maintaining the balance of sugar and fat. Adiponectin functions in improving sensitivity or sensitivity of the organs of the body to insulin so instrumental in regulating sugar balance in the body. In normal conditions, adiponectin will maintain the balance of blood sugar through the reduction of sugar produced by the liver and maximize the use of sugar by the organs of the body that need sugar as an energy source.

The concentration of adiponectin in the body will decrease in the state of obesity (obesity) and insulin resistance. Low concentrations of adiponectin are found in individuals with insulin resistance, irrespective of the whether they are obese (overweight) or not. These findings suggest that low concentrations of adiponectin which contribute directly to changes in balance settings sugar and decrease insulin sensitivity in the liver.

Adiponectin examination is also useful to look at the future risk of diabetes because adiponectin plays a role in maintaining the balance of blood sugar metabolism in the body. Individuals who have risk factors are those that have a family of diabetes. They can do this adiponectin checks to see the likelihood of diabetes in the future. Increasing concentrations of adiponectin are associated with regulation of sugar better concentration, better lipid profile and decreased inflammation (inflammatory) infection in individuals with insulin resistance and diabetes patients. Determining the concentration of adiponectin is very important to determine the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) in people with diabetes.


What’s diabetes ?

As already mentioned above that the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas (pancreatic gland located at the curve of the duodenum) is very important to maintain the balance of blood sugar (glucose) blood between 60-120 mg / dl when fasting and sugar levels two hours after eat less than 200 mg / dl. If there is interference with insulin action, both in quality and quality, then the balance will be disrupted and blood sugar levels tend to rise.

A person can be called Diabetes Mellitus suffering if 2 of the 3 mentioned below :

1. Complaints thirsty, drink a lot, a lot of urination, weight loss.
2. Blood sugar levels over 120 mg / dl, at a time of fasting.
3. Blood sugar leve3. Blood sugar levels over 200 mg / dl 2 hours after meals.
Because of Increased blood sugar levels, the excess of sugar (glucose) will be removed through the urine and their glycosuria (in the presence of glucose – sugar in urine); in normal people there is no glucose in the urine. The presence of sugar in the urine can be known in Several ways, Among others :
1. Urine Patients are accosted Immediately ant Because it contains sugar
2. The presence of sweetness in the urine (Dr. Thomas Willis of England ever tried to lick)
3. Arising itching in the pubic on the former pee
4. And most right is the examination for the presence of glucose or sugar in the urine, by the way :
A. Fehling reaction (reaction boiled)
B. The paper strip test called BM Paper strip
C. Other: Paper strip Glukotest
D. Diastix called
E. Reaction to the tablet, by Clinitest. One or Several ways (a, b, c, d) is Generally known by people with Diabetes Mellitus.

Then Diabetics usually are wound in the leg to heal, the following tips on how to care for people with diabetes diabetic foot click here.


Thus Spake explanation of diabetes, that information may be useful. Our team of wonderful thing to provide a package of herbal medicines for diseases DIABETES derived from plants – natural plant, the which is made from squirrel meat, Lingzhi mushrooms, though we’ve Become a natural capsules without preservatives, so it is Easier to consume. In addition, already registered POM TR and the RI Department of Health. If you want to book, bookings can be contacted directly at our email


Assist in Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes “Healthy Lifestyle is not the main cause of Diabetes”
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Diabetes Mellitus or commonly referred to as diabetes is a condition of elevated blood sugar levels because the body lacks insulin. Insulin deficiency in the body in the resulting glucose / blood sugar can not be converted into energy or force that later Became piled so that kidney trouble to filter the blood, resulting in urine containing glucose.

Adrographis paniculata containing andrographolide active substances and compounds other diterpenoid lactone which can lower blood glucose levels and has been tested proven to prevent hyperglycemia (high blood glucose levels).

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Helps alleviate diabetes.

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In extract form
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Tips on How to Care for People with Diabetic Foot (Diabetes)

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By : Ririn Sholiha

diabetic foot care

diabetic foot care

People with diabetes or diabetes need to pay special attention to the organ “legs”.
One of the complications of diabetes or diabetes is on the “foot”. Foot is one part of the body organ that is often attacked by diabetes. Many diabetics underestimate on the part of the foot, so a lot of diabetic foot amputation.

Here are some tips for you, in order to avoid diabetic wounds :

1. Check your feet every day, check for blisters, fungus, red for emphasis, or sores. Use a mirror to check the soles of the feet.
2. Do not immerse the feet. Wash your feet thoroughly every day, use a mild soap, dry feet with a soft towel, especially in between the toes.
3. Give lotion to moisturize the feet, but should not be given in between the fingers.
4. Cut the nail parallel with the fingertips and straight.
5. Avoid foot from excessive heat or cold.
6. Do not go barefoot.
7. Use socks that absorb sweat and change socks every day.
8. Avoid the use of drugs in the wound without a prescription.
9. Immediately consult a doctor, if there is any small wound.
10. Do gymnastics feet every day.

Thus some tips for you, in order to avoid diabetic wounds, may be useful :).


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