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By : Ririn Sholiha

A stroke is a condition that occurs when the blood supply to a part of the brain is suddenly disturbed. In brain tissue, lack of blood flow causes a series of biochemical reactions, which can damage or kill the nerve cells in the brain. The death of brain tissue can lead to loss of function controlled by the tissue. Stroke is also a serious health condition that requires rapid treatment.

The following symptoms of people affected by stroke :

• The speech of the patient is unclear or chaotic, there are even people who can not talk at all even though they look conscious
• The eyes and mouth on one side of the patient’s face look down
• The patient’s arms suffer from paralysis during a stroke, so they can not lift one or both arms

That was the symptoms – symptoms of people affected by stroke, then about the background of the stroke that originated from the brain that can function properly if the supply of oxygen and nutrients provided blood flow well. If the blood supply is inhibited, then the brain will be damaged, even a person affected by a stroke can die. Stroke there are several types, namely :

Type of stroke when viewed from the cause is divided into two ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. An ischemic stroke occurs when the blood supply stops due to a blood clot and a hemorrhagic stroke occurs when blood vessels supplying blood to the brain are ruptured.

There is also a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) or a mild stroke. TIA occurs when blood supply to the brain has a momentary disturbance that usually begins with symptoms of dizziness, double vision, the body suddenly feels weak, and difficult to talk.

Although only a moment, still must be handled seriously. Because this is usually a warning of a heavy stroke.

Strokes are generally diagnosed through physical signs, as well as through photo or brain imaging. Brain imaging is useful for determining whether a stroke is caused by a blocked artery or a ruptured blood vessel, the risk of an ischemic stroke, which part of the brain is affected, and how severe the stroke is.

Stroke treatment depends on the type, ischemic or haemorrhagic stroke. Treatment is also adjusted to the area of the brain where the stroke occurs. In general, strokes are treated with drugs, including preventative medications to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and eliminate blood clotting. In some cases, surgery is needed to correct the damage caused by a hemorrhagic stroke or to remove fat in the arteries.

Stroke can affect your life and wellbeing in various aspects. The rehabilitation process is specific and depends on the symptoms you experience and how severe the symptoms are. A number of experts and specialists can help. Among them are, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, nurses and specialists, as well as physiotherapy.

Damage caused by stroke can be widespread and lasts longer. Before recovering as usual, patients should rehabilitate for a long period. But most of them will never fully recover.

Therefore we can prevent this disease through the application of healthy lifestyle. The risk of stroke will be reduced if you eat healthy food, exercise regularly, do not smoke, and drink alcohol according to the dose. Trying to lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure with medications can also reduce the risk of stroke. In some people, drugs to prevent blood clots and drugs to maintain normal blood sugar levels are also important to prevent stroke.

Keeping to always live healthy, healthy diet, diligent exercise and one of them taking natural traditional medicine. We are from team of wonderful thing to provide herbal remedy for STROKE disease which comes from natural plant, which we have become natural capsule without preservative, to make it easier to consume, and have registered POM TR and DEPKES RI. If you are interested to order, order can contact directly at our email aries.kurniawan@gmail.com. Here is a list of our herbal remedies that can treat STROKE’s disease :

1. HABBASAUDA EXTRA PROPOLIS “Whatever the disease, Black Seed Extract Propolis Medicine”

habbatussauda propolis

Basic ingredients Habba Sauda Extract Propolis, derived from seeds Black Seed choice of organic plantation Al Baladiy best egypt. Combined with Propolis Extracts from the wild forests in the UK and processed in modern Germany by cold pressed and certified GMP and unlawful capsule shells from the European Islamic Center, Habba Sauda Ekstra Propolis is a cure for all kinds of diseases.
In the extract form
– Habbatus Sauda Cool pressed oil 400 mg
– Propolis 100 mg
– Soyben oil 76.45 mg
– Lechitin (soya) 18.9 mg
– Capsule shell: Gelatin (halal), Glycerine, Water purified, Iron oxide red, Iron oxide yellow, Iron oxide black.
– Adults : 1-2 capsules per day after meals
– Children : 1 capsule per day after meals
Maintain health, increase stamina and endurance and prevent various diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi.
Contents : 30 capsules
“It is recommended to drink lots of water”
Price : $11 (Does not include postage)


omega – vit

Omega-Vit is a supplement that contains four elements and works optimally and synergistically to maintain heart health, skin and brain.
– Fish Oil 500 mg
– Vitamin E 10mg
– EPA 18%
– DHA 12%
2 times daily softgel morning and evening after meal.
1. Prevent the occurrence of blockage in the blood vessels.
2. Control the heart rate to prevent heart attacks.
3. Maintain healthy skin from bacterial and fungal infections.
4. Optimizing health in pregnant and lactating mothers.
5. Supports baby and child development process.
6. Helps Stroke problems.
7. Improve memory.
Contents : 60 capsules
Price : $17 (Does not include postage)

3. RADIX COFFEE BOXES “Herbal coffee is healthy and refreshing”


RADIX herbal coffee is made from a mixture of maca extract, mengkudu and various other herbs, combined with special coffee and savory vegetable cream and the best refined sugars. Radix coffee uses double extraction technology with 80% robusta coffee and 20% Arabica coffee. The level of RADIX caffeine is very small, only 0.24% so it is very safe for all ages.
The image of the original flavor of coffee with the benefits of extraordinary herbs. Special health drinks are mixed through the synergy of some of the original herbs. Have many benefits that no doubt and can be directly perceived benefits. Through herbal extraction so that the enjoyment of aroma and taste of coffee is maintained but has better benefits. Herbs contained in radix coffee have higher levels of active ingredients and the quality can be maintained.
The main herb used is Pasak Bumi (Eurycoma longifolia) which has been trusted for generations and proved usefulness.
– Coffee
– Sugar
– Krimer
– Stake Earth
– Other Herbs
Efficacy and usefulness of RADIX COFFEE :
1. Adds stamina and body vitality.
2. Maintain heart health and heart blood vessels.
3. Making effective the formation of red blood cells.
4. Increase sexual arousal and increase fertility.
5. Reduce fatigue.
6. Overcome depression.
7. Improve mental fatigue.
8. Prevent osteoporosis.
9. Have diuretic effect.
10. Reduce the risk of headaches
11. Helps alleviate sleep disorders.
Package Contents : 15 Sachet, Price : $7 (Does not include postage)
Package Contents : 30 Sachet, Price : $10 (Does not include postage)



High levels of bad cholesterol in the body to trigger the emergence of various diseases.
LDL cholesterol can be bad, while the type of HDL cholesterol is a cholesterol that can dissolve the bad cholesterol in the body.
1. Derived from Bran Rice Organic red rice, Dutch Teak Leaves and high quality temulawak, processed hygienically with strict quality control.
2. It is suitable for children up to adults.
3. Containing Natural Fiber, Vitamins and Minerals.
1. Helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood.
2. Antioxidants.
3. Increasing solubility in cell membranes.
4. Inhibits obesity.
– Oryza sative extract 100 mg
– Guazamae folium extract 200 mg
– Curcuma xanthorrhizae rhizoma extract 100 mg
Contents : 75 capsules
Now ORYZRED with a powerful formula for sufferers :
1. High cholesterol.
2. Liver disorders.
3. Prevent cancer.
4. Obesity.
5. Fatigue and lethargy.
Price : $7 (Does not include postage)

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