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5 The Most Wonderful Place in The World


By : Ririn Sholiha

Marriage is one of the most special moments of a person’s life. Being ready to enter a new life with new hope and intend to have a lot of happiness. It connects not only men and women, but also two families with each other. The charismatic arrangements made at the wedding to make sure that today become memories for the beloved couple.

For some people, perhaps a wedding reception is celebrated by inviting family and close relatives only. But it turns out there are also couples who are willing to spend deep to celebrate a magnificent wedding reception magnificent.

Starting from the cost to prepare dresses, cakes, and various other needs. Some wanted to celebrate marriage in a luxurious building and attended by thousands of people, with thousands of relatives and relatives celebrating that happy moment. There are more couples who prefer to marry outdoors, beaches for example. The sound of the waves and the breeze of the beach will color your wedding day. If the sun is drowning, the light from its bed will make the moment of exchanging rings more beautiful. If immortalized in the camera, the result is a beautiful and dramatic picture that exudes the love and majesty of the universe. Here’s a place in the world known as the most beautiful wedding location :

1. Starship Resort, Sydney
Starship Resort in Sydaliney is a great place with perfect guest seating arrangements. Here you can enjoy the facilities that can add a luxurious impression on your wedding. This resort will certainly add value and more sensation to the sacred ceremony of the sacred promises of the bride.

starship resort

2. Kahala Hotel and Resort, Hawaii
Kahala Hotel and Resort Hawaii is the perfect place to glorify the beginning of your married life. Kahala Restaurant is a beautiful and charming place that helps you have a dream wedding. Coupled with the decorations done with flowers and chokers that are part of a traditional Hawaiian wedding.

kahala hotel and resort

3. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, England
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is an oasis filled with beautiful trees and flowers. This place is the most romantic place for couples to say sacred wedding vows. Coupled with facilities that make invited guests amazed and friendly management. You can talk with a couple to choose this place to get married, In this park is available indoor or outdoor, so any concept you wear can fit in this place. This place can accommodate 300 invited guests.

brooklyn botanical gardens

4. Tandjung Sari Resort, Indonesia
This resort is located in Indonesia, precisely in Bali. Its location close to Sanur Beach adds a beautiful exotic impression on this resort. The resort remains full of tourists, especially honeymoon couples. Its overall environment is ideal for arranging weddings. Here you are offered with national and international dishes, open air environment, Balinese dance performance, and many other activities on the wedding day.

tandjung sari resort

5. Dalhousie Castle, Scotland
Part of you especially for women must have had a dream to be married in the castle and the palace like a princess in fairy tales. But now it can be realized. A castle in Scotland called Dalhousie Castle can be booked to be a wedding venue. A row of Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna, Pierce Brosnan, and Paul McCartney once uttered the sacred promise in this castle.

dalhousie castle


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